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  • Havent had time to read all the articles you post in the Italian thread nor check NEO but thanks ;)

    Juve really disappointed me this season. I dont even want to start my rant about how much a failure their system has been, there was a good article on goal about them ost Moggi...
    I just hope we end the Renzo Barbera hoodoo and win and i hope there is a good stream on :fp:

    Im thinking, new champs put on a show and win by 2, what do you think?
    Yeah but that one will be on stream :fp: Im going to look at the line ups, if Balo starts then ill do both matches if not then you know which one ;) Bon apetit :)
    Hey, just checked, the Milan match will probably be on Ten Action on Saturday night, its a late kickoff right?
    Good match, i really hope Juve win. Italy needs them back in the CL. We can actually take the 4 CL places back from Germany for next season, their EL teams look rather new and weak. Ours on the other hand look much stronger and few could have a deep run if they concentrate properly.
    Check the thread and tel me if i need to edit anything, btw i voted Milan s Munich, Pippo always does well against them and they will have Neuer so itll be een sweeter to beat them on home turf ;)

    PS revenge for Audi cup 2009
    Catch live football action exclusively on NEO Sports this weekend:

    Werder Bremen vs. VfL Wolfsburg 30th April at 12.00 am IST
    Borussia Dortmund vs. FC Nurnberg 30th April at 7.00 pm IST
    Bayern Munich vs. FC Schalke 30th April at 10.00 pm IST
    AC Milan vs. Bologna 1st May at 6.30 pm IST
    Your first French football game and Ayew scored a Poker. Haha aren't you a happy camper :tongue:

    Did Taiwo assist any?
    Hey, your work along with your friends paid off. Just saw that Neo will air our match on Sunday and delay the Inter one :)
    And it isn't even like Moto GP has so much viewership either, is it? Serie A really needs a good face lift around here.. And I thought that when Inter won UCL last year, there'd be some improvement. I just don't see any.. :(
    And I fucking hate that the EPL gets so much coverage over here! We just have no option. This has to get better ffs.!! And whats the deal with Ten network and Neo sports sharing this stuff? Hasn't either company outright bought the rights??
    I stay at a hostel while I'm at college, and the only access that I have to the internet is through my phone. So I can't watch streams. I watch them on tv. Yeah, sure, I'll voice my mind there. My name's Peter Gautam. Add me on facebook if you want to. Not quite enough Milan fans for friends in there.. :D
    I had BSNL b4 and i changed to airtel bcoz of BSNLs poor service, both are same speeds though. Nah, i dont mind the normal quality, not budged for HD, its a few times that i have to stream with the tv channels providing it :tongue:
    It varies but i have the 512 Boadband connection from Airtel, i think thats the standard unless u get net for the office.

    What about you? and thanks for the links.
    you watching the EPL match tonight?

    I cant believe that United could win the title this week :eek:

    I cant stand them, one team i hate as much as Inter. They are so lucky every time its believable.
    I was told that the get a schedule for a month and they can't do much about it..As in the feed which they get from europe..
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