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  • Just checking it out on FB..Lol..I had some friends doing interns in Neo Sports..They say its a pretty shitty place..They wudn let him get some Serie A videos from their store..Well,now that ur banned u can try calling them up..:-)
    Wats ur name out there on FB..?
    Well because of you and your entourage, i've ad the chance to watch the matches on TV for the last month or 2 so thanks and dont be too hard on yourself, hopefully they will show the match after the brescia one else ill go on a rant too :D
    hahahaha i hope you didnt get banned in vein though but thats funny, you harassed them so much that they banned you :tongue:

    Well done Bhagat Singh ;)
    Oh shit man, Parth Pandya one of your boys? ;) OR is that you with a different id writing on Neo's wall LOL.

    I just checked, Ten Action is full on La Liga :( Looks like a full stream week ahead :mad:
    What about Ten Action? The match will be Saturday night 21:30 right? Last week Ten Action played the Roma vs Palermo match at that time.
    Hey, do you know if they will air the CI match for us? :D

    Your work at NEO has been good, i belive its been 2 week nows that they have shown Milan instead of Inter :p
    ohh shit hahaha, tbh, they dont know much about football and they probably steal the telecast off some of the other Asian channels.

    I can understand why Koln would be shown because they have been extremely exciting and good to watch at home and there probably isnt a super cracker match in the Bundesliga that day.

    Is the ban indefinite? If they didnt show the limited amount of SA matches i wouldnt buy the channels, they are pretty useless otherwise.

    Dont feel hard done, you tries your best, just hope thhat they change from now on :tongue:
    Much better :D

    Whats with the n00bs at NEO? Embarrassing how they dunno about what they are broadcasting.
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