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  • you know, the sun just fall on the tip of the horizon and then rise up again. i dunno if it's happen in your place, but it sure happen to places near artic. at least that's what i saw in the documentary :D
    i have an awesome edited image of that same pic you're using for your avatar.

    gimme a sec, i'll upload it and give it to you.

    objective of the righteous members is to fire all the mafia members. (a specific number on how many are mafia will be given)
    objective for the corrupt mafia members is to at least equal the number of innocent members of the board by firing off or forcing the innocent ones to resign.
    (Papa Berlu and Good Guy are both righteous)

    if there are 10 board members, 3/4 (can't decide) of them will be mafia and the rest will be righteous (including the 2 special ones).
    then there's a guy we will call Papa Berlu for now. this guy throws MASSIVE bunga bunga parties that lasts the whole week. he has the ability to invite any one of the members to his parties. this will protect that specific member from any thing the mafia might attempt to do to him (this is bcus the bunga bunga parties are super secret and no one knows who attends it :o).
    Papa Berlu himself cannot attend the parties (sadly) so he is still vulnerable to the mafia.
    now, there's two (or maybe three) special members with special abilities in the game. the first one, called the Good Guy for now, can hire a private detective to check any one of the members at a time, to see whether he's innocent or not. he has to send me a pm during the weekdays saying which member he wants investigated. then, during the meeting (weekend), he will recieve a special police report (pm from me) giving the details of the investigation.
    the fun part is that no one knows who the real Good Guy is, except for himself. so there maybe 2 or more posers acting as him during the meeting. :D
    during the weekdays, the corrupted mafia members will talk amongst themselves (through pm) and decide on a member who they want out. one of the mafioso, will then send me a pm stating who they want out (and the method by which it will happen - sex scandal, corruption allegations, caught masturbating in public... be creative :tongue:). at the start of the board meeting (or weekday), the board member who has been hit by the mafia, will then be revealed to have resigned to the rest of the board (his role/allegiance will NOT be revealed).

    will add the special roles a bit later.
    ok, giv me a min. it's pretty long. :lol:

    edit: ok, so basically, all of the participants are board members of serie a. there has been talk of the mafia corrupting some of the board members and the board has decided to investigate and solve this matter.

    every weekend (as of now, i may change it to a single day), there will be a board meeting where all the members of the board gather and discuss among themselves who is mafioso and not. they will all vote for one member to be fired at the end of the weekend. ofc, the corrupted mafioso within the board will act like they're innocent and try to get actual, innocent members fired. the fired member will then be revealed to be a mafioso or innocent or one of the special characters (more on that later) and the meeting will end.

    more to come. be patient. :)
    so far, you, me, Depreciation, Sage, maybe luke are in. i have to recheck with MB and Shion to see if they are still in. and i sent an invite to Kuja as well.

    i'm aiming for 10 ppl so a couple more and we're good. :thumbsup:

    do u want to hear the awesome story and how it works?
    that game i told you about (waaaaaaaaay earlier) is still on. may even start tomorrow. u still in?

    oh and i made it football (and milan) themed so it's way more interesting. :thumbsup:
    now go on Il Presidente! make me run around town naked screaming DATs my friend Joey!!!!!!!!!! :proud:

    n I'm going to sleep so c u. :)
    yeahh mann crazy stuff 4 fucking zero :)... n yeah do try more n lemme know if u need any suggestions :)
    gd nyt n forza milan
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