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    Transfer Speculations: Totti & Beckham

    Because there are sooo many different topics about these two fellas, i created this topic so EVERYTHING about either Beckham or Totti goes in HERE...
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    Congratulations Juventus...

    Well... i'd like to congratulate Juve and all their fans for the Serie A title this year... i know all of us would rather see Milan taking the title... but things got at they got... Juventus games have been discussed for some time but there's really nothing we can change this moment... now...
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    New transfer targets: Philippe Mexes and Marco Amelia?

    Mexes-Nesta: The Milan Partnership Of The Future? 04/22/2003. According to reports in France, Milan have joined Juventus and Liverpool in the race to sign outstanding Auxerre prospect Philippe Mexes. The Rossoneri see him as the perfect partner for Alessandro Nesta when the great Paolo...
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    Abbiati on the move...?

    04/14/2003. Serie B side Sampdoria would be interested in Milan's Christian Abbiati if they are promoted this season. The goalkeeper is currently playing second fiddle to Dida, and although he says he wants to spend the rest of his career with the Rossoneri, a loan move may appeal. Sampdoria...
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    Torino vs. MILAN

    TORINO vs. AC MILAN he we go, the classic Turin vs Milano.... Torino played 1-1 in their last game against Modena... we really should have no problems. ...i expect to see the same offensive play as we saw in the lazio game!!! :devil3:
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    Cafu going to some Japanese team...!

    01/23/2003. AS Roma defender Cafu has reached an agreement to play for J-League club Yokohama Marinos from July 1. His contract will last until January 1, club officials announced. The Japanese press say that his total salary will be 3.75 million dollars. "I believe Cafu will also improve our...
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    Holiday!!! Iran...

    I just wanted to announce that im leaving for IRAN tomorrow morning !! Im so excited about meeting all my relatives, since i have none here... anyways, i will be gone for 2 weeks, 2 WARM weeks :D ...because im from southern Iran where the weather is warmer! believe it or not but i think i...
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    Portugal (Rui Costa) - Sweden

    Hellooooooooooooooooooooo..!!! I just came back from the game, i was in Ullevi stadium just now and saw the game between Sweden and Portugal. Rui Costa came in on the 80'th minute or something but he played very good... He made an AWESOME goal where he gets the ball, stops, looks up and SHOOTS...
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    AC Milan tattoo

    Hey guys... I was wondering if any of you guys had a picture of a Milan-tattoo... im thinking of getting me one in the future... i thought it would be nice with a black script text that said "AC Milan" and around it there would be a thin red glow... anyways.. all motives are welcome.. as long...
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    "SerieA" or "SerieA+Champ.League+UEFA" ?

    Maybe we should change the name of this thread to: "Official Prediction League" or something. ..Since we nowadays also include UEFA and Champions League -games... dont you think ?
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    AC MILAN vs. Torino

    AC MILAN vs. Torino Ok guys... here we go... this game should be very easy, but i hope Ancelotti changes his Tactic from the Lazio-Game... Post your comments !!
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    Do you guys have pics ?

    Heeey everyone... i was just wondering if any of you guys had any pictures of yourselves...
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    Ozmosis is BACK!

    Heeey guys !! In case you guys didnt notice ( :cry: )-kidding :D , i have been off the forum for about a week... This is because i was badly sick and had to take lots of Pencillin.. Now im feeling kinda better.. I have missed ALOT of things here on the forum... and it feels good to see some...
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    OFFICIAL! Rivaldo to AC MILAN !

    Ok guys.. now its REALLY official... AC Milan has signed Vitor Borba Ferreira Rivaldo...! These reports are directly from the official site more rumours...! well, i thought id be mad.. but actually im glad/surprised/shocked... Think of our offensive lineup this season ...
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    Working this summer?

    Hey guys... i was wondering what you were planning on doing/working with this summer. Does any of you have a job this summer? to earn some extra cash ? ;) My summer-proffession is something between a painter-gardener-usher.. sounds great doesnt it?? :rolleyes: hehehe I know im going to get...