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  • He absolutely is. He would look very good at our LCM position (better than Aquilani I for sure think already, and Seedorf cannot be awesome all the time we all know), surely compared to our other midfielders. And he is only 21 years old... crazy isn't it? From his first match for his NT he impressed there (and still does A LOT), so he adapts very well to a higher level. And he simply has been amazing for PSV this season, just like Mertens. What a fantastic duo transfer for them.

    Oh, you also asked the opinion in my country on him? Well, they are positive of course. :thumbsup:
    But whatever, I am more often right with my judgements than they are with theirs.
    Kinda boring if you are broke :D


    Expensive as fuck

    etc etc etc

    and yes I'm a muslim but not the strong believer type :tongue:
    I am fantastic Fara:)
    Summer was not that great but it not that bad

    Hope you are doing great
    oh I heard that some time ago now... let's not be surprised by Sneijder's attitude
    its ok man, hunt is a big boy he will come out on top, if he doesnt it will be a shame, i cant blame hunt haters cause they want milan to win and if our main cf is not at his top form they wont be too happy to give him credit

    its ok :D
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