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  • Well its really great that you spend a lot of the time with your children, god bless them, this is always more important than anything else in the world, but depriving us of your wisdom and story telling is a crime :lol:

    I was hoping you could discuss more about Gullitt because what you get on youtube doesnt always show the full product, and this is exactly what I realized his best asset, is that he was a complete player.

    As for myself, I have been through a lot of changes since I finished university and started working for 1 year now. I now really feel the burden of being 'independent' and the difficulty of decision making at this age (such a pain in the ass this confusion thing).

    I am not very interested in what I do so I want to try to make a career in football and I am looking for a program to clarify what exact field I want to be working in.
    Hey Gaizka, how you been? I recently logged in again after a couple of years, but if its one thing I remember its your always high quality posts. Why dont you give us a nice blast from the past stories, I havent read anything recent for you.
    Cakep dah kalo kayak gitu, seneng kalo ketemu Milanisti yang udah ngedukung Milan dari akhir 80-an (thanks to RCTI....hehehehe). Ngumpulin jersey nggak bro?
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