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  • No, not yet but in the next 2 years probably..MSc then a permanent stay.

    I've been a very baaaaaaaad Christian lately. :(
    Lurking lurking lurking lurking in the shadows.. :)

    Saw your post this evening and responded a bit..
    Be still and know He is the Lord of ALL!! I told you it was going to be well.

    Expect a long PM from me probably tomorrow.

    Unconditional love. No strings attached, just cos He can. :star:
    Not very important considering what you're going through, but clear your PM...
    Anyway praying, and crossing fingers your medical tests don't show up positive...and congrats on graduating!
    Cool man. I'll look up Biggie. My feelings are trailing while listening Pac, I only see justifications for Rino in his songs. :D
    Well, alot of Indians and especially ones not born here but from Indian descent generally like to disassociate themselves from everything remotely related to India and will learn to hate the traditional things Indians like for eg. cricket etc. Although they are going back home everyday eating indian food speaking in Hindi / Gujarati etc etc.
    As Russell Peters brilliantly said- when an Indian man sees another Indian man walking on the same road somewhere abroad he always thinks to himself - oh my god what is he donig here! I thought i was the only one!! haha
    Quite smart that - to spell it wrong.. i was convinced you were India but then i noticed Romania and as far as i know there VERY FEW to none Indians there?
    And by the way I'm still very new to forums and stuff online so i didn't even notice my visitor messages were off! No wonder i haven't got a million messages as yet! haha
    But do leave me one cuz its empty at the moment :p!
    Hey! Your earlier username was madtherchot right? Random or do you know what it means in Hindi?
    Your the only Cluj supporter i know who has proper understanding of the game....would like to know what you think of Lacina Traoré ? supposedly dubbed 'the new Adebayor' then i think he'd make the ideal partner for pato ....but more importantly at a lower price ....prob a lost cause ,because of our management ,but i'd like to know how good he really is ....and because he is African..:proud:

    Yea, I just read that. To be honest, my love for him will just increase even more since I'll be able to see him rape the Inter defense :D
    Hahaha not really.. I promised myself not getting married until late twenty's. Wanna enjoy my life before punishing myself physically and economically. Don't worry.. you'll be my first internet-friend to know when I'm ready for that. Y'ALL INVITED! :D
    Hey pal, I'm good and doing fine. The weather is shite, and you can't do anything else except working and sleeping.
    Yea I haven't post much lately.. sometimes I even forget that I'm registered in here, for real.. I don't really have anything to say - mostly just reading it.

    How's life going for you? Getting married soon? :D
    In "Any given Sunday", Al Pacino tells his superstar quarterback played by Jamie Foxx: "You're very very young ... and very very stupid!"
    I might go to Cluj two weeks from now. The weekend from 28-31. I have a wedding that Saturday. If you are there, maybe we'll go and have some beers on Friday or Sunday.
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