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  • Brah, didn't you post about a Serie A fantasy football website a while ago? What's the site?
    Haha ok so its along the theme of the Honda persona :D

    This is the correct way of writing it:

    الصمت ايها الفلاحين

    basically its like saying silence ye peasants!!
    What are you trying to write?

    Silent peasants? Peasants of silence?

    Need help?
    You were absolutely right. That arc was insane! I really enjoyed it so much that at times I watched a whole bunch of episodes after each other. I'm now at the point where the gang is just reunited after training. Looks promissing too.
    They just burn down the Going Merry and got a new ship gifted by Franky. In the next episode I should see if Frank will be their new Nakama or not :D
    10 people? Fine enough fine enough. I'm okay to mod. But do remember that someone needs to take over if the game continues after sunday. We will make use of the classic damn roles? Mason, bad and good cops etc? All we need is a catchy theme.
    Me too! I've a problem with my time however. On the 23th of this month I need to go to Salerno, Rome and Napoli. A game of Mafia takes around 4 to 5 days. And starting a game with our tempo :-)lol:) can also take some time.

    How many people we got?
    *Clears throat* Say, while you're here, why don't I make you a milkshake? I'll put Beauty and the Beast on for you. I'll need to add some roofies..sorry, my bad. Some muffins I'll bring along. We can play Beauty and the Beast roleplay when I return. I'll be Beast..it's so much FUN!
    Yes, my child. We can watch Snow White get rape...sorry, get raised off the ground by the seven Dwarves. We can watch Disney all night. Your parents know about this, so I'll call them up whenever you want to go home.

    Just hold on to my beard whenever you feel frightened. Drag my head closer to yours. Don't worry about any thing groping around you. It's me comforting you, my child. Me. And you trust me, right?

    The handcuffs and chains? *Laughs nervously* I used to work at the SAS long time ago. You see, we had to interrogate the bad guys so you and Mommy and Daddy would be safe. So that they won't kill anybody. Why they're on the bed? I was just re-arranging my old tools of the trade. Really. My attic is always messy, you know. *laughs nervously*
    I'm coming on..sorry, I'm coming for your ass..oops, mea culpa. I meant to say I'm coming for your assets. The positive side of you. I want to make you better, my young nubile friend.

    There's no gain without pain. You just have a short but throbbing pain behind your thighs. But you shrug it off and keep going. This is why you're a hero. MY hero. :D
    Well then..I see you're bored and lonely all up there in your palatial Maldivian villa. You are anxious about life and the future. You have a lot of bile, a lot of angst deep within. You have doubts. Questions.

    Don't worry my handsome friend. I'll Fix It. :D
    Now there's a QUOTE!! :star:

    The other one was..kinda boring. Needed something fresh.

    Once I'm back on the PC I'm putting up that remarkable quote. Love it!!


    Your advice was racist and insensitive. To MJ. :lol::D

    *you have an AWESOME sense of humour. :proud: Please don't trade it for anything.*
    Official FART member..I want to be racist to myself. How do I do that? :o

    I need your expert advice.

    And..do I still get to hang up that quote? Gimmie a new one from the Anime thread..I see you guys doing a lot of Pokemoning and ish. :D
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