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  • Just because you live on a series of tiny islands, it doesn't make GB not small.
    Not watching Murray woop Federer and win Gold?

    We have 16 golds now... doing so so well.
    Cole World has its highs but it's a bit dull.

    Control System is a bit long. That is on my "To listen to" list, though.
    Ugh no.

    I only liked his EP. Since then it's been downhill, including Camp.

    Bruce Springsteen really is Dad Rock... and I hate chill rock.. it's just dull.

    MBDTF beats all but I've listened to it too much to make an occasion of it.
    I don't really like chill rock or dad rock.

    One thing I do like is Electronica... for instance, AraabMuzik's Electronic Dream is something I enjoy, but it's not long enough... I decided that I'm gonna listen to Late Registration... good ol' Kanye.
    Hahaha. Fair enough. I don't know about gyms, but I may start swimming more..

    Also, I cycle like every day now. Only 12 miles, but it's difficult to actually create a route which is a lot more and doesn't involve just cycling down crappy motorways or country roads. And, because it takes around an hour, I use it to listen to albums which I would otherwise not have the time for.

    So, suggest me some albums.
    Yeah I finished school quite a while ago... now I'm just reading... and becoming more fit.

    Not that I'm fat, it just doesn't hurt to be more fit, as I'm quite sedentary, really.
    Stop fucking spamming. I hate Terry. Get over it. I will delete it until you stop posting it.
    Just a story of England's recent history and present. It was nice.

    And I liked that Angolan costume.
    That was nice.

    I agree with what I'm hearing.

    Beijing's was more "Epic owwowow!!" but this is more of a story. I like this. I liked Beijing's too for sure but I like this.
    Well that isn't true. In terms of talent, yes.

    And looks like David Beckham will be lighting the flame.
    I want her to. I like Dizzee Rascal, Holiday is one of my favourite songs to be honest. But I just want Adele to perform. She is the big thing right now, literally and figuratively.
    I saw a man with a turban slightly after the Windrush scene. Consider yourselves covered. :o

    Bahahahaha, tbh, I was expecting something during the industrial revolution scenes.

    Now, I want Adele to wrap it up with Someone Like You :o
    I saw absolutely no need for that bit, but now it's just a montage of English music, I believe.
    I'm sorry but how on Earth will non-English people understand that wrong weather forecast? :lol:
    Hahaha it's Mr Bean!

    Nah, our culture and history is great. Call it what you want, there's a reason that it's so popular it's become repetitive. :o
    But England's love of Children's stories!

    That was pretty much just a bad acid trip... and huge lol at the Child Catcher on RollerSkates.
    I do try. Hahahahaha I often get complemented on my pronunciation, elocution and vocabulary.

    I hated the James Bond bit, but it's rather quaint and pleasant with this "Respect for NHS and Great Ormond Street" and stuff. I dislike this dancing, but it's a nice thought. I guess England is pretty much the home of cheesy theatre though...
    I'm really enjoying it nice.

    It's so understatedly epic. I love it. Now for some fireworks, hopefully.
    Well done. This is confusing me,... but Beijing was good. I don't think anyone could have beaten it... even Malé :eek:
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