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  • Meh. I don't really listen to Wu-Tang. Never got into them.

    I don't like Watch The Throne. It's not that great. It's a 7/10 at best. It's carried by the fact that it's Kanye and Jay, and they're not even that good on it.

    MBDTF is leagues better.
    Meh. I skipped most of it originally.. it just wasn't my style, tbh. I'll listen again soon. Listen to OD and his EP. Both are atleast good. But I wouldnt' recommend venturing into his earlier stuff.

    Who else do you like?
    Naww, now I feel useful. :p.

    Have you listened to Section.80? It's pretty much his magnum opus until now, no doubt. Best songs off that are Hiiipower and Ronald Reagan Era, imo, but I usually don't like most songs on a first listen anyway. I'll probably listen again in the week. Try it out, you may love it. Arguable AOTY last year for most hiphop listeners.

    His other stuff mixtapes are okay. The Kendrick Lamar EP is decent and Trip(s?) and Vanity Slaves are good.. They're both songs on the EP... I didn't make that clear in the original post. :) I can't remember anything else as I haven't listened in years... OD(Overly Dedicated) is quite decent.

    His earlier stuff as K.Dot is just not worth listening to. It's dime-a-dozen street tape crap and it doesn't sound like him or his style. I'd recommend skipping those early mixtapes.

    So check out Section.80, for sure, and perhaps his 2 earlier mixtapes where the 2 songs I said are located. :) Great to help, if I am. :D
    :lol: I am currently working at the fixed asset department in my office :lol: believe me, disposal of fixed assets and depreciation (esp if it is straight line method) should be the least of your problem.

    Wait until you face Deffered Tax issue in relation with different useful life :fp:
    Sorry couldn't help you this time, tbh I have forgotten about the subjects you were asking and planning to read about it when I got home.

    Glad you found the answers :)
    Will try to give you my explanation tomorrow, k? :D

    Now let's enjoy the match first!
    It's the nick that gave me away isn't it? :tongue: yes i am an accountant, not master though. ;)
    damn the evening breeze in this place is the greatest thing ever. :proud:
    there are some great restaurants (mostly thai) and there are two beaches on either side. god i love my country again. :tongue:
    yes; don't know how much it took, i guess i added more and more with time;
    as for maintenance, it's ok, doesn't take that long
    about the same. been following op and naruto for like 4 years now. caught up with d-gray man last summer and am reading it but am utterly confused about the story right now. :lol:
    will also continue reading vagabond as soon as the god-forsaken hiatus ever end.

    things i dropped include fairy tail (can't believe i used to find this immature shit good :fp:) and hitman reborn (not exactly dropped as i read halfway and then i got lazy and started watching anime, 2-3 months later i couldn't find where i stopped so i abandoned it. :lol:)

    thinking of starting hunter x hunter. heard it's pretty similar to op, but the main character imo looks just awful. maybe u should try it too.
    OP, naruto and deadman wonderland. i followed bleach for sometime, but meh, like that aizen pic you showed me, it became a bit too much :lol:. if you have any good recommendation, please tell me bro. what's you've been reading btw?
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