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  • pleaseeeeeee I am a changed man.. forum anonymous :proud:

    fucker i have a project to finish on monday with a recruiter .. Ban me nowwwwwwwwwwww

    he called me now
    The way Lem says shane before he die was :cry:

    anyway every episode have some shit :D good series
    It's back up, though a second longer. I've not saved the previous one, and I can't make a new one.
    sry 4 replying late mate .. well to be honest initially it seemed it was in defence on rino for the incident against hotspurs but as one reads it grows on you as the reader gets to knw about rino- the player/the person so yes you did complete justice to the way he plays n it is infact a gud profile article on him... :) i've said it b4 n i'll say it again "u have poured your heart into the article" mann.... :) smthn like this was required while the world today was watching this incident n our ragging bull from an EPL biased eyes
    btw best comment on ur article was "Maldini is my hero for being perfect – a man very few could be. Rino is a guy like you or me – he’s a Milan fan himself. One of us – RINO UNO DI NOI." :D GRIN
    just wrote your article "rino-the pitbull"... one word- kickass.. u have poured your heart into the article.. brilliant stuff..
    p.s. never knew you write as well :)
    its fucking crazy :lol:
    tried it once...hard to describe. i was absolutely certain i was laying down at the bottom of the ocean.
    It worked:star:. Thanks for uploading it. I've had to download winzip (downloading it whilst typing this) to be able to open the file though...can't wait to read it.
    Since I tried to download it , and it didn't work. I have IDM(internet download manager), so that might be the reason. Any other site would be appreciated, probably megaupload.com would be good or mediafire. Thanks a lot.
    Its basically averages ...Football lineups for the minutes played ...whoscored for the passing stats....Checked on whoscored at these examples...but what they did was use appearances ,which inflated their totals

    eg. Totti averaged 3 keypasses per game and made 32 apps

    total of 96 total

    My way ...played 2459 min -27 games (not much difference) 3 kp

    total key passes =81

    I dunno ,but mine seems more accurate

    About the pic was thinking i could do something like this :

    True ...asked the co-founder of whoscored and he said they same ,just wanted to make sure, might do a piece on our midfielder's passing and which of our targets would improve us the most ...think I should ?
    What do you understand by these stats on whoscored ,specifically passing .When they refer to Ave pass//pg ,what do you think they mean, average attempted or completed passes ?
    Yo man,

    I can't see the photo. You probably saw it for a day since it was in your cache or something.

    But to be frank I know little of IT. So don't take this truthfully. I noticed Twitter photos are often seen for short time only ... maybe they change location or sth(?).

    Take care,
    What cud be the reason when I post a pic at that moment I can see it (or even after few hours) but can't see that pic again a day later. :conf:

    Can u see 2 of the pics I posted in history thread, 1 on Jimmy Greaves & other on Greaves & Hatchins on last page? BUt I can see pic of Germans. :o Same thing in Maradona thread.
    Its a 'compliment', usually people take it and say thanks in return :lol:

    Edit: You didnt know what Pedro was actually on about :fp: until later :tongue:
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