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    The Official American Football Thread

    Training camps open up all over the United States. Players getting back from injuries (or getting injured). Anybody here watch American Football. State your favorite teams, players, anything. Let me start off by saying I'm a HUGE Redskins fan (although it's tough to follow them from Europe)...
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    Expendable players

    I know I will get a lot of hate directed at me for doing this. But I truelly consider Rino Gattuso to be expendable. Dubbed to be our next captain because of his heart, his drive in every game. Chasing the ball all over the pitch, irritating opponents with sneaky tackles, which we all love. But...
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    Players that surprised you in the WC

    Yesterday's Argentina v Serbia & Montegro was crazy. And I believe Maxi Rodriguez played a big rol in the win scoring two goals. Which opened the game for the Argentineans. His midfield presence was very solid and also got a standing ovation when he got substituted. Ofcourse how to miss out on...
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    Goalkeepers on the rise?

    With the World Cup underway more than a week now, some goalkeepers have been performing outstanding so far. And are also garnering interest from the big teams in Europe. I haven't been able to watch all the WC games so far, but I know a couple have shined so far. I already like Andreas Isaksson...
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    Rosicky to Arsenal, good?

    So a couple of days ago the transfer of Tomas Rosicky to Arsenal has been completed and confirmed. Now my question is, does Arsenal have too many offensive players in their squad at the moment? Pires did leave, and Rosicky could take over his spot on the left side. But Pires already didn't play...
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    ----------[signature]---------- ugh

    What's up with that? ----------[signature]---------- Why did you guys changed it? The old one (with the red dots, cubes) looked waaaay better
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    FC Barcelona v AC Milan - Joan Gamper Trophy

    Barcelona it is!
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    Pirlo: Totti a Milan? Ottima scelta

    Can anybody translate this for me? Wondering what Pirlo has to say about Totti :)
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    Predictions for Group A

    The Spain - Portugal match will be interesting. I've never been in Spain nor Portugal so I don't know if there's a rivalry between the two countries like Holland - Germany. Maybe Don could share some information? :)
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    Che Guevara Football T-Shirts

    Hi long time no post I'm looking for some Che Guevara T-Shirts of Arsenal players like Pires and also players. The Che Guevara-style looks like this: If anybody knows where I can get them, please reply, thanks
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    Any creative people here..?

    So me and a friend of mine are gonna make site about Kaká, and we're both ... suck at inventing a good name for the site. It's gonna be about Kaká so we thought of something with his number 22. Please contribute.. we're desperate :D
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    Stam to go to Milan - agent Van Ginkel

    Dutch magazine and site confirmed exclusively that Stam signed for Milan for 2 years. Only the two clubs have to come to an agreement. But the asking price and the offer don't vary much. So a transfer is close. - Agent Van Ginkel Ain't this something? If this transfer is really...
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    Paying Soccer Sites

    I think it's pretty shit that asks money now to watch videos/highlights of matches. We can't even see the Team of the Year 2003 videos! If they want us to vote, we want to see some of the players' actions! Come on! And they charge €39.95 per year! That's €40! You gotta be kidding me...
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    UEFA Team of the Year 2003!

    So who're you gonna vote for? You can vote on the Nominations are for Goalkeeper (title defender: Rüstü): - Timo Hildebrand (VfB Stuttgart) - Dida (AC Milan) - Francesco Toldo (Internazionale) - Sergei Ovchinnikov (Lokomotiv Moskva) - Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus) Right back (title...
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    What's that program called again..?

    to download the movies, I have a new computer and I can't remember the name of the program that worked on those files. Any help appreciated, gracias. :)