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  • We will stay friends Agent K, we will..for a LONG time..it's written in the stars.

    Except someone time-travels to 2010 just after the kakabunny incident :) and screws stuff up.

    dad rock. :lol:

    chill rock is nice when you're fasting and just resting while you watch the seconds tick away. :D

    and Graduation!
    Swimming is a superb way to keep fit. tho me personally, I dislike it because I have a very low breathing capacity and get very nervous when I'm in deep water.

    you've pretty much listened to all the rap, hip-hop albums I know, so no use recommending those.

    I've been listening to some old classics like Bruce Springsteen and some chill, gentler songs like anything from John Mayer to Jack Johnson.

    oh wait, you've listened to Usher's new album rite? I've grown very fond of Climax. :D

    and Deadmau5. specifically For Lack of a Better Name. very nice progressive album and might push/motivate/pump you up when you're cycling. :thumbsup:
    I had 'hit the gym' and 'go running in the morning everyday' on my holiday to-do list which I still haven't managed to do. :tongue:

    at first I kept putting gym off cos I had no one to go with, then my cousin said he'll go... but something happened and then suddenly, it was Ramadan and I couldn't be bothered anymore.

    as for the running, I haven't managed to wake up before 10 am the whole time I've been here (1 month and 1 day). :lol:

    main reason I'm trying to do some weight lifting is because I'm horribly unfit compared to my school football team (tho I'm technically superior to each of them bar two :proud:) and partly cos of peer pressure. as in 3/4 of my school friends go to gym and I feel left out of their discussions. :(
    Just saw your other VM...

    OMG, they legalised gay marriage in the Can? Hmmmmmm..

    Some naughty ideas coming up already... :tongue:

    Dunno Kuj, dunno. *sigh* I know you HATE me now for this but I'll live. :(

    Theory is one thing but fieldwork is another game entirely. I was groomed to scientifically take samples THEN draw inferences based on those, so I won't assume something will be different about those kids until I have hard facts.

    I really hope you'll go easy on me here, I'm starting to feel bullied.. :D
    Atr I'm likely going into some scholastic endeavour later in life and I know MOST academics are atheistic, but I'll make CS Lewis sexy again. :)

    I've told you how I enjoyed THAT :o:D and besides clicking into my femme mode readily helps me understand female societal roles, burdens and stuff...believe me, as a writer (who has ONLY brothers) that helps a story. It's fun being 'duo-human' whenever it calls for it, so I don't entirely hate it. Just like the Hulk, I think it should be controlled...

    There's a lot to write on this but that I'll discuss with you over time.

    PS I find your company very stimulating :star:...necro is quite a brain too, but he's waaay too arrogant.
    SHG? You could say that. :/

    Lol your joke about Nebuchadnezzer (sic?) was nice..it's a nice combo, a good sense of humour and razor-sharp wit..keep it Kuj, don't change. You know a lot of history too and that's awesome. :thumbsup:

    Don't think I was patronising you or that was a diversion..I am bi, and religion may have warped my true nature, but that's ok. And you can't outgrow Christianity..it's counter-productive to declare one's faith these days but I won't cower..naaah. I'm PASSIONATE about it, and if we stay buddies for the next few years onwards you'll know WHY.

    That's a promise. ;)
    ...I'm a Christian but I'm also a very sensitive humanist and you know that.

    About the kid..a part of me says that child may have some developmental issues, believe it or not. Not least when his/her classmates find out the truth about her/his parents...you know how brutally callous kids can be...

    Just ask the child of Jenna Jameson the famous pornstar...it was so bad her husband almost got into a fight during a PTA meeting iirc.

    I didn't know the Can was THAT liberal..is it? They're a bit quiet about their affairs unlike their NOISY neighbours :) but over there there's a strong sense of conservatism..seriously.

    About racism? Dunno why but these days I'm pretty calm about it..ignore it amap and it begins to pale out into insignificance, I've discovered.

    I'm not the monster you've made me out to be. :(
    Geez Kuj, you're making me feel like some serial rapist right now..or worse. :)

    Ok, let's get down to basics. I'm not homophobic and you know that. But I'll admit, I not so comfortable with folks publicly declaring that...you know. I'm a Christian first, and due to how I was brought up and all I know now there's still a lot of guilt about same-sex...sex. It's like when you have a great meal of chicken..you love it but then the bone gets stuck midway in your throat. You'll be obv uncomfortable with that, but you still LOVE chicken. Get it? Yeah. The guilt is strong so you won't see me attending some GLAD meeting or something, but I COMPLETELY understand the homoerotic psyche.

    I'm a liberal, but not all left..there's a lot of right somewhere in there. I'm really principled, but I won't support an Arizona rep who thinks 'wetbacks' should be sniped in the head on the border or sapphic couples should be denied mortgage for a new house....
    Goddammit you saw my updates. :D

    Ok, you know my lil secret and stuff but a guy deciding to head off with another guy for life? That's soo not cool.

    Countless rounds of bum sex :D, in vitro/AI babies..how does a child grow up knowing he has two dads and some proxy surrogate womb (can't call her a 'mum')?

    That's flat-out overdoing it.
    errr meh gerrrd who the hell cares about this fodder black Adele????

    bring me DAVID now!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad:


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