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  • exactly.

    also i think Adele represents the typical English woman (weight :D).

    but what i want rite now more than ever is a glimpse of Emma Watson.
    they should do a bit about us poor hardworking Indians that helped build your empire and legacy. :rolleyes:
    Mr. Bean > rest of English culture and history. :o

    seriously, i remember watching him with my mom and grand mom (who doesn't understand English). one of the few breeds of entertainment that can entertain any generation. timeless comedy. :proud:
    i just think British culture is getting a bit... outdated and mostly repetitive. as in i have seen so many Shakespearean plays, Medieval representations...etc. etc. it's just lost it's lovely touch and flair for me.

    thing with China and other such countries is that their culture is just so exotic, so different from our normality (what you British people perceive as normal is also fed to us in the sub-continent as normal by British education), that's why it's so fascinating.
    anything interesting to look forward to or can i go to sleep?

    ps. i will hunt you down and kick your ass (Ross style) if you make me miss David Beckham.
    we won't even hold an opening ceremony. :o

    we'd just invite everybody to come chill on the beaches. :cool:

    better than watching a boring old Industrial Age demonstration (i'm assuming). :o

    the British accent always makes me sleepy for some reason. :lol:
    as for a recommendation, i have a 100% success rate (as in everyone i recommend it to, liked it), classic anime to give you to watch.

    allow me to present you with:

    (death note)

    it's about a guy who gets a mystical book which allows him to kill anyone who he wants, in anyway he wants as long as he knows the name of the victim. he wants to take over the world (yea this is kinda cornish) but he encounters a mysterious detective known only by the initial 'L'.

    in a twist, the main character's dad is an investigator himself and the main character himself joins the investigation and works side by side with 'L' trying to mislead him and find out L's true name.
    thing is most guys start liking anime when they're around 10-12 years old (or even younger in some cases), where a "ridiculous 'special move' where they scream like a ****** while blowing wind out of their hands" is the best thing ever. :tongue:

    and everyone has a little kid inside them. :D

    manga/anime is like a... get-away for me (i have no idea what i am saying). i love the worlds that some of the authors have created and it's very enjoyable for a guy who loves to imagine stuff like me.

    yes, it can be very cheesy and cringe-worthy at times (me personally, i only watch/read a few, classic anime/manga like that. most of the stuff i watch/read is aimed for young adult males), but you get used to it i suppose. and some Japanese humour is actually pretty good.

    + it's fun to discuss with other guys (like the guys over here and my cousins as well).
    also, i think your opinion is formed on the usual, mainstream aimed-for-teenage-japanese-boys manga.

    there are lots of manga which are much more sophisticated, more intriguing, aimed for mature audiences as well compared to say, Naruto.
    most straight men would go for Capitano. :o

    I had the supreme pleasure of meeting him once. :proud:

    but I was 5 and I don't remember anything. :(
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