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  • Congrats brooooo!!!! Im so happy for u! May he have a great and healthy life! I was busy with work so much, barely got some free time. Now im killing time here again and bashing all Allegri haters :D
    Kuzi my brother! Long time no see.. How are ya? Hows everything my man???
    Да так ничё Вот вчера видел матч против Бари. Ну мне результаты в серии А что то не нравятся.
    Будешь завтра матч смотреть? Надеюсь Ибра пару голов себе припишет.
    Да, есть такое. Но я думаю его тут научат хорошему. Но такая атака... бля такого по моему ни у кого нет счас.
    Здорово Куз, как дела? Чё то я долго на форуме не был, но вот как команда так поменялась к лучшему, пришлось вернутся.
    Ну как считаешь, лига наконец-то будет наша?
    fucking around cause i had some holidays ;) from tomorrow the work starts so fun time ends, sad to hear that you have lots to do in your work. hope you get respite from your job ;)
    oooooooooohhhhhhhhh no, Borri injured :cry:
    no calculator needed I guess, but we still will win :star:
    it's never easy :rolleyes: especially not for borri:(
    yaaaaaaaay, thnx :D

    we scored more goals than I said ''win'', damn :cool:

    next stop: L'OM........ overrated they are, with Nesta back, our defense is too strong for them, and our attack, OUCH! their defense is hopeless..... buy a calculator mate, we are going to score score score and win win win :jump:
    you know, Cagliari is a team you should not underrestimate, but Leonardo will never do that, so for that: we will win win win :cool:
    Hi Kuzi,
    Yeah, I haven't been online for a long time now ... My dad had an accident around 2 months ago and he passed away last week; that's why ...

    Thanks for checking on me buddy.
    :D I told you we would win. I never stopped believing in it, and after the 1-0 and 1-1 I said :star: FORZA MILAN !!! :star: again. Fans like you and me deserve this!!! :cool:

    Not those fans who tune off Milan and tune on a different game when we're losing (didn't read that today, but earlier this season I did - fucking glory huntering bastards)

    Congratz Kuzi w/ the Milan win !!! :beer:
    Thnx for stepping by yesterday :)
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