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  • I'm doing fine, but in 3 hours or so I will doing fantastic, I got the feeling. :cool:
    And you?
    sorry about my lazyness to reply its been ages since I've been able to get on the internet properly lol. Im good mate how are you? struggling at getting used to university but thats it haha. hope ur well my milanese brother.
    Such a shame about Sheva, isn't it? I still can't believe it's him that's at Dynamo.
    Who's printer? :)
    Well, Work is meant to be a tad hard unfortunately, but good luck there. Yes, it is bad times, but it is times like this that make wins better and make you attached more to the team. At the end of the day, most of us found pleasure in just seeing 11 (sometimes less these days unfortunately) players playing on the ground. Take care pal, and good luck in everything in ur life. Talk 2 u soon mate.
    Lolz. I wonder if i'll get to see serieB games in Trinidad :eek: Kuzi, the most important thing in life is to follow god. The world is in such a mess because we think we know better. Take care my friend and thanks for asking about me. Going through some serious shit atm.
    Dude as long as we all stick together we'll all be ok....even if we get relegated :)
    fucking shit dude
    two exams today sucked in the first going to get raped in the second one, then i will hit the bar :D :)
    I'm doing good. Milan's results arn't giving me anything to smile about though.. :(

    How are you doing?
    I'm cool bro going through a rough patch atm but nothing 'ol dru couldn't handle :)
    How's the great Kuzi??
    Not much, buddy. Went to classes, got back home, ate something. How are you, anything new?

    Too bad Sheva didn't rape Barca vintage style, ha? He'll get there in the return match.
    I simply can't describe Pippo! The guy is freakin eternal! True "fox in the box"! :D Shoulder to shoulder with football's greatest... Van Basten, Weah, Batistuta, Van Nistelrooy, del Piero... Hate him or love him - Pippo is a legend :D
    Hey Kuzi, I'm all good thanks for asking. The weather is getting shittier everyday more and more..
    How are you? how's life going? I hope everything's okay!
    U menja vsjo normalna! A u tebja kak dela? Just finished watching 'Eastern promises' with Viggo Mortensen. Funny Russian they speak at Hollywood :D
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