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    Asking for help: Italia-Australia/Chinese commentator

    Hi guys, bet most of you have watched that game from the first minute to the last. So here is the thing: I'm a milan fan (also a azzurri fan,of course)from China, and the official broadcaster here is called CCTV, when it was 3 o'clock which supposed to be the proper time for the match of Italia...
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    the best goal in FA cup!!

    it is said the best goal in FA cup ever was giggs' goal against arsenal 96-97(? i couldn't memorize correctly...)... but i definetly saw a far better goal last week which came from laurent robert of newcastle in the 3-1 victory against fulham... it was sort of he jumped up and turned his body...
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    who will you choose for euro2004?

    okay let's say if you are the coach of italia, and you have the right to kick people out and get someone in, how would you build up your dream squad to play in the euro 2004 final?? here's mine:(it's goddamn the best ever :devil: :devil: ) totti the fag and del piero the short---KEEP OUT 3...
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    guys i'm goin' to uni on 13th, and i'm think of buyin' a uni present for myself :D and here i got a few nice options, so tell me which one you think it better ;) since i cannot afford all of them: this is the landmark big ben 3 rollin' stones: and this 'silver spear' style : and i also...
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    happy birthday to PIPPO!!!

    so today is the day our superpippo reaches his 30(god how time flies), and i'm very glad that he definitely doesn't look that old. tomorrow is mine so i can always remember pippo's. so say something for our 30-goal-FW!!!! :devil: :devil: :devil:
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    hey where did all the avatars go?!?!

    i logged on today and i saw no avatars in the forum and also no sigs. when i checked out my profile there's still the option for sig but no option for avatars. so what did you do to the site, david?
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    i did noticed that some people's sigs have PRO-TOTTI-ALLIANCE within it, and i've got no idea 'bout what it means until i check the thread 'replacement for rui', and actually i think it's quite interestin', 'cause if everyone has their alliace below we can see their point of view much clearer...
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    Which footballer are you?? hey mates check this out, there are 10 questions and after you get them answered you find out whose character you have i'm Batistuta now it's your turn;)
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    Di Vaio-Tomasson swap planned?!?!what the hell??

    yes i know di vaio is skillful and his performance in '01-02 was magnificent, but he did shit last season in juven, so i wonder if he could keep his 'parma form' any more, but he's good, no doubt 'bout that. but nobody should exchange J.D.T!!!!!i don't know what the hell are these people are...
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    DON BALON of '02-'03

    it is said that <la gazzetta dello sport> will vote for nedved this year. and raul is hopfully gettin' manuy votes as well... but personally i think if milan get real madrid smashed in the final and pippo scored a hattrick maybe some votes will go to pippo. ---on the condition of juventus get...
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    i was thinkin' of startin' one topic 'bout cars long ago but i wasn't sure that if there are many car maniacs here in this forum but yet i haven't find out any but i started this one anyway. since chinese goverment's policy on cars from abroad is very gay,people will always have to pay 'bout...
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    bellusconi/galiani/ancelotti,what do you think of them?

    okay,in comparison with inter, team: milan--inter 100000000000 times better, nodoubt 'bout that. president: morrati--personally i think this guy is lovely just because he really loves football and like to collect all the stars as many as possible is the point which pleases the supportors very...
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    Can Filippo and Andriy play together?

    okay although we've talked 'bout this pretty much already but i still wonder what most people your opinion please!! i voted second.'cause i still think that they did have quite nice teamwork together at the first season inzaghi arrived(i mean yes,last season),especially those early...
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    Malcolm Christie to Boro!!

    oh great i thought i would never see christie live on tv since derby county has been playin' shit this season and completly no hope to come back to premiere ship next season,but!! middlesbrough get this wicked bloke on loan!!!!! :devil2: :devil2: :devil2: yeah and tonight we have liverpool...
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    Gazza to China?!?!

    Well!! i heard from the papers that Gascoigne is(has come) comin' to china to play football in our league :eek: !!! and he has gone to a club(even i could not tell the exact name of it 'cause i don't give a shit 'bout league in china and you wouldn't know it as well) for the text---skill and...