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  • oh sure i think he want to chat with the forum state, sadly in my real world i dont talk about it :D esp on fb after stiring so much shit on forums :D
    they have 9 we have 7 :) even though i watched all the madrid games with r9 and zizou simply great.
    To be honest it did took me a long time to figure it out, but yes Cassano is a god. Embodies everything I absolutely love in a player (and person too), pure talent with I don't give a fuck attitude. For me it goes Maradona, Ronaldo, Cassano. That quote sums up the genius that he is. Absolutely adore him, and he's got every trick in the book combined with speed, vision and lazyness. Also reminds me of Heath Ledgers Joker, dunno why :)
    you've finally come around on cassano. MY current favorite in the world for both footballing skill and personality. "I had a friend who was a waiter. His job was to bring me 3 or 4 croissants after I had sex. He would bring the croissants up the stairs, I would escort the woman to him and we would make an exchange: he would take the girl and I would take the croissants. Sex and then food, a perfect night.""
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