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  • Hey, you wouldn't happen to have pics of the flags from last night? I mean the ones that were held next to goals before the match. It seemed like they both had your 'Devil' on them though one was red and the other one red/black. Seemed like a nice idea. I cannot be bothered to go through the game thread.
    hey great game, you had good attackers. not whinning but our strikers sucked :D

    anyway there is always next year and 7>3
    if you hate some one badly the angels in this world dislike you, if you love somebody people will dislike you, if you show compromise in hate or love witty ones will still ridicule you. be a spectator but where is fun in that ;)

    funny world my friend ;)
    Oke :) hopefully you get to your senses and in a month Milan will be your one and only team ;)
    No offense but what are you doing on a Milan forum ;)? Or is it just because of the tie between Milan & Man Utd?
    Couldn't, had mates round earlier when I was playing it offline. Will tonight if you're on though.
    Done on there tonight, the lag was annoying me, and for some reason we keep getting disconnected.
    Nah it doesnt, it's just what a few teams called Edwards before and after he died. ManU is an insult though.
    Ah k. Thanks mate. One more question, does each letter refer to a word or something?
    8m is useless... he'll go for somewhere in the 20 range. Juve and inter are willing to bid it. You do have advantage of fact they probably would prefer to sell abroad. He would do ok i suppose, but you'd struggle in europe, cause he's not a super possession player, he's more a run at goal and create problems type of player. But from a defensive standpoint... him + fletcher is fine.

    although i suppose that... then switching to a midfield 3 in europe with him fletch and giggs/scholes or carrick as 3rd would be very good... he'd give u that deep scoring option u sorely lack
    Didn't like my synopsis of Hamsik? You got me thinking, I'm really struggling to think of a CAM who can play in a 2 man midfield at highest level anymore... But hamsik in a lampard or gerrard role would bag u around 20 goals in all competitions and alot of assists.
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