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  • Ah ok, the Bear Grylls one, saw it on the forum last night. Thought they were referring to something more disgusting, like a Man Utd player. :D
    David - I've disabled all these features because the forum is getting larger during matchdays and it eats considerable resources. I might re-enable the who's online but only for advanced users (>125 posts, +3 months).

    Az. - Is this related to the hosting site ?If we had a better host then we would have no problems then ?

    If so maybe r&b needs a account for donations?

    David - No. R&B is just fine. It's just that during big matches traffic is up 10x compared to normal and we need to do our best for things to run normal regardless of the situation.

    Hmm ... reading those again this campaign might even work. Still if it's going to bring down the performance of the server it's going to be excluded eventually. I think it's somekind of a search which means it takes a lot from server. Many forums have 30sec rule for searches. I think we had one too ages ago.

    Anyways started to babble - count me in :)
    The "Bring back the 'who's online' feature group - I ain't sure it's going to help.
    what? Robbie likes to party, i like to party. theres only onnnneeee robbie fowler!

    Serie A is cult following in THE US. I'd say its more popular in english speaking fans than la liga (la liga is shown on spanish only channels... so all the latinos love it, and in california there are alot of latinos. I want to say around 15 million latinos in california alot) but considering there are so many spanish speaking people, and they all love football, la liga is popular. Case and point: La Galaxy v. Barca friendly drew 93,000 people in LA. Barca v. Chivas Guadalajara in san francisco drew 66,000 (both times, stadium capacity)

    Premier league is king though. Its only league which gets coverage in espn. and among my friends who like football, they generally al prefer premier league
    They are too busy spending money in the far east to bother with me :(

    Xbox is better btw...much better graphics ;)

    Just sell your damn car. Xbox > vehicles.
    sorry mate i forgot to put this at the end of that post............................................. :D
    One legend has it Milan chose black colour since it is the colour of devil and to intimidate opponents. I kind of think the devil part is more added there but cannot be sure.

    Something in my mind says the nick developed during 50's or 60's when one France journalist(Was Equipe the no1 of football magazines?) called us that but this could very well be a case of ManU LOL.

    One thing is sure. Well almost. We wore Devil badge for the first 1981. (maybe even 1980 as some untrustworthy sites show).

    Where did ManU got their nick and when did they add it to the emblem?
    LOL you made this tag ashish loves manutd :D yeha when they are wiped out from this world ;)
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