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    Week 38: CAMPIONI D'ITALIA: Sassuolo vs Milan 22/05/2022 18:00 CEST

    What great day. Great game, excellent way to end a season and seal the scudetto, I'm overjoyed. Forza Milan, forza rossoneri.
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    Official: Andre Miguel Valente da Silva Thread

    Welcome to Milan (and the players subforum)! Really looking forward to this guy, I have a feeling he will be a great success at the club.
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    Official: Zvonimir Boban Thread

    I remember the game too. The commentator was an old one, and when Shuker scored he went mad crying "Shurjak, Shurjak!!!" who happens to also be a Croatian footballer, but who had retired ages ago. It took him 5 minutes to remember that it was Shuker who scored the goal and spent the rest of...
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    Forbes Top-Earning players

    I didn't know where to post this, so it's here. If the mods see fit, please correct me. And if already posted. delete it. Namely, I read about in a local newspaper, so I looked it up and decided to share. Forbes 20 Top-Earning Players: (in million euros) 20. Oliver Kahn 7.5...