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  • Hello Milanista. how are you doing today? i am Hargler by name and i am from Nigeria, also i am new here on the site.... i am 100% Ac Milan fan and i guess you are too, nice to meet you and hope to hear from you soon.. take care of your self.
    How did that bet work out for you? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


    I don't like that Spain won, but I'm soooooo happy you lost money.
    lol xD Sure sounds great. I live near Rotterdam. Just one thing...don't say 'guys night out'...it sounds gay. Anyway what prizes are you talking about? I got a feeling what you mean but I'm curious what you mean.
    My PC is not as it should be. But if Im not on msn, you got my number. I'd will be online, not as much but Im around. Hows planning the trip to Holland btw? We shall visite a coffeeshop.
    you should more often root for the German side ;) Congratz with going through
    haha, thank you :) (I don't drink)
    unfortunality I missed the race (I saw the others) :cry:
    hey! thanks for the friend request! ist vielleicht a bissl spät, wünsch dir aber trotzdem ein tolles neues Jahr, alles Gute!
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