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  • Yo Necro

    Hope you are doing well mate. Since you have been in the corporate world i was hoping you could give me pointers for survival . For the life of me i cant figure out how people keep changing jobs so often. Do the opportunities fall from the sky? :O is loyalty better or mercenary will fetch u better roles??
    hey necro have you seen allegri a lot in cagialri? can you guide me through couple of articles I only noticed when we were playing and when they were tanking at the end .. he was two time coach of the year rite
    I had a goatee which was blond/brown, yes.

    I pretty much wore a suit-jacket, black trousers with an Indian looking shirt and stuff...

    Looked... interesting. Tbh, I went as Amitabh Bachchan and ended up looking like Indira Gandhi(RIP)
    Absolutely 0% chance of that happening.

    I went with a blend of 'ethnic'-looking stuff and smart clothing.

    Also, I shaved into the style of his(I have a lot of facial hair for a white British kid, always have done) but couldn't find my white hair spray! So it was almost all ruined from the get-go.
    Going to a party as Amitabh Bachchan. I've managed to scrounge up enough torso wear to pull it off, but I'm having a problem with legwear...

    what would you suggest? It has to look good. Thank you.
    Yeah week 1, classes start from monday but the seniors have been grilling us by giving us assignments which go on to the wee-hours of the morning. I guess i was a bit cranky due to lack of sleep which I finally compensated for today :proud: Ready to work hard but not ready to sacrifice milan :)
    Fuck man , its mental here. Hardly getting any sleep :cry: how does one keep his sanity? And also i am worried that i wont even be able to follow milan :cry: :cry:
    Neat man, one more thing we have in common then. I did comps too :D . Yeah IT work-ex is pretty much useless and as far as I have heard in most companies you don't really have all that much work in the first couple of years :tongue: (atleast that's what my seniors working in oracle where i was supposed to join told me :D) . Where did you do your undergrad anyway?
    hey man thanks. :) I wanted to ask what kind of background you had . I did engineering myself and was wondering if its harder for us to adjust to MBA studies. I would be happy if background doesn't matter that much and it all falls into place easily with enough hardwork and effort. :)
    Also with regards to being a fresher I found it difficult to justify why I should do an MBA in my interviews. Is the lack of work experience always a disadvantage w.r.t to summer and final placement ?
    You got in as a fresher right?I still haven't finished indore interview. Its in a week's time. Will try to nail it as I am not in the mood to study for CAT again :D . Any tips ?
    Got rejected by C today , man? Does the process of admission to an iim become significantly easier when you are not a fresher anymore?
    Yes, you do seem like the IIMA types mr smartypants. I didnt get a call from A or B . So C is my only big club . :p I'll go for Indore too if i get but for some reason ppl are advising me against K and asking me to give another shot.
    It was ok, could have been better. You studied at iimC? what do you think of indore and kozhikode? should i take them if i get or give this another shot next year. Dont mind waiting to do an MBA though, would be exciting to work for the first time :D
    Fucking Addictive, isn't it?I have put aside everything and been reading it non-stop. If I muck up my interview with IIMC tomorrow , I am suing GRRM :D. 1 book to go :)
    Yeah, groom him for 3 to 4 seasons till be turns 22/23 before a better team who actually have chances of winning trophies come knocking on the door for him :lol:

    Fabregas can make it two trophies tonight, hopefully he will shine as well :)
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