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  • Hola Nutella, como estas amigo, paso bien? Its been a while since you posted just wanted to check on you and if you have your nutella fetish under control.
    hahaha don't worry about not being proactive man.. well actually you should worry about it, it means you realize your problem, all you need to do is act on it, but you are 19 years old? youre gonna evolve like a pokemon now, in 5 years time you will look back at how you are now and you will see how different you became, and with a good core like the one you have I am sure you will change so much for the better.

    IMO, its good that you know what is good for you and what is not, but it is equally important to know WHY this is so. Personally, I dont like to regret over things so I prefer to learn something from my past mistakes, although thankfully I don't consider them to be so bad, rather I see them as just a phase that I needed to go through to realize that what I had was good enough to begin with.
    I haven't been fasting this year, I haven't missed more than 5 days in total since I began fasting when I was 8 years old, so I feel so guilty about not fasting this year. I even had a nightmare the other day, my younger sister starts to patronize me and the last thing she said before I woke up was "you lack faith". Its such a crap way to wake up.

    To be honest, I fasted the first 3 days, but I felt so terrible, 20 hours long, living all alone in a city that is incompatible to Ramadan (in fact even on a normal day it can be difficult since almost everything they eat has pork in it), by the time I break fast I only have 1 hour before kitchens close and suhur was difficult since I had to wake up after 3 hours from adhan fajr to go to work.

    But the worst part was the quality of work I was putting in, since I am the coach I felt it was very unfair to the players that I was not giving them my best work, so I decided to stop after 3 days but I plan to compensate for it at a later time.
    Well you better start picking up the pace or else I just might abandon this forum forever :D I love how you describe your personal struggles through Nutella I am sure you can use this as a theme for a comedy show its hillarious :D

    You know I was also obsessed with Nutella, not to the same degree as you, you took it to another level, but I have a mole next to my lips and my own siblings used to tell me to properly wipe off the Nutella stains off my face :lol:

    In other news, I have extended my stay here in Europa, I am coaching out of contract players during the off-season, it is part of my internship, I hope it will be good enough for me to find a good job with a club when I go back to the Middle East.

    What about you? How are you coping with Ramadhan in this heat? Its 20 hours long here in Espana, such torture!
    Your Nutella thread (aka your personal diary) is the only thing that is worthwhile in this stupid forum :thumbsup:

    Maybe you should consider compiling your posts and release it as a successful book a la Anne Frank
    Get on your FB and tell me why you did what you did.

    What are trying to get at me for? Did I hurt your feelings at some point? :lol: :conf:
    Your first sentence was GOLDEN!! :angel:

    Speaking of which I really think I should have some nuttela NOW! It's like breakfast time already..

    Fuck my're sooo welcome whenever..I just go babbling sometimes but it's usually easy to get what I'm saying..

    (I hope) :D

    damn has just no idea how much I like/admire him..and jammin and esp. Sage... n/h

    Manga Bros ®
    Told ya..but it's not like I'm losing sleep over all the hate in RL..and what I noticed, it's equal parts hate and RESPECT.
    Good. Nevermind the infraction. Those are nothing serious if you respond accordingly. :)
    Slept over it and thought maybe I should apologize personally as well. I'm sorry I went over the line. Hope everything is cool between us ... or at least same as before. :)
    Saw your msg on FB..waddup sir? One of these days I'll make out time and we'll chat about anything and everything.

    you get to play football over there in somalia? i haven't played in a month (no one to play with + exams ) and i feel like shit. :(
    dw, any time during the weekend is just fine (voting will end when it is monday for depreciation). just try and drop by in the thread occasionally and keep up with what's happening.

    ask any questions you have in the thread btw.
    did i ever tell you look really really like KSIolajidebt aka the funniest guy on the internetz? :D

    and like it or not, you're playing in my game. :o

    the minimum you need to do is to visit the thread during the weekend and vote.

    and don't worry about being a noob. i think i'm the only guy who understands the game. :lol:
    hehe bro, don't post on your own wall. ;)

    soooooooooo, u prolly heard of my awesome mafia game rite? :D

    (it's in the member's lounge if you care)

    u wanna play in the next round? :jump:
    the problem waas when i came, the internet blocked this website due to adult material and stuff like that

    so we got new internet and i was able to get on the site as normal

    i am in somalia. funny eh. and i intended to stay here for a month, but dragged it to a year. i really missed the site, and the noce thread :p but ill visit this site much more often now. i missed the people, and its really difficult to watch some games but the moment noce scored against barca, was the epitome of joy in my life. thanks to the lil green barca fan in the middle, we didnt prevail. no problem. chelsea will kick ass
    thanks man :)

    ill try to stay alive

    im not missing any milan games... especially derby, but i doubt id be posting during january

    ill come and suck on noce's nuts when i come back :p
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