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    What happened ? Didn't see him misbehave. S.o. wielding supermod power again ?
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    Just trying to redirect traffic from the Drogba thread. I mean, I can understand the fascination + drooling over hotpants, thighs + muscle, but everything in its proper place, please :tongue:
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    Dida Thread

    Need a tissue ? :o
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    Dida Thread

    Yea, he always sends out notifications. You're not on his mailing list ?
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    Dida Thread

    As you can see, no huge damage done. A lil burn stain .. big deal. That's what you get when parading around mindlessly inmidst some fireworks... As for his latest injury, he will be back for the CL match. So I've just read... somewhere.
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    Dida Thread

    Ah well... why am I not surprised ? Anyway, Storari + Kalac aren't necessarily worse, since one never knows when Dida decides to fumble.....
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    Overzealous mods

    MODERATE... Don't always fucking lock threads because people start having a discussion. MODERATE... Edit personal crap + the rest should be allowed to be posted. It's always the same person who is getting her panties in a twist. Since I can't say it in the appropriate thread I say it here...
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    Desailly scouts for Milan

    Normally I don't quote from Tribal.. but I guess this is legit : Desailly: I'll find top African talent for AC Milan - March 27, 2007 Marcel Desailly has returned to AC Milan after nine years away to become their official African scout. The World Cup winner's appointment...
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    WEEK 28 - SAPL - League Games

    Sampdoria 2-0 Cagliari Inter 1-1 Milan Siena 1-1 Ascoli Torino 1-0 Catania Palermo 2-2 Fiorentina Reggina 1-3 Lazio Empoli 2-1 Livorno Chievo 2-1 Messina Atalanta 1-1 Parma Roma 2-0 Udinese
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    Dida Thread

    'It ain't like that...' said his agent. Ah well...
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    Dida Thread

    ALLEGEDLY... according to a Brazilian radio station + Dida has signed for Barcelona.
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    Dida Thread

    Director of Milan Channel.
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    Dida Thread

    Dida hasn't really radiated confidence anyway + his 2 or 3 expected saves per match don't cancel out the blunders.
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    TRIP to LONDON LONDONERS... I need your help :D I'll be in London next week + would appreciate tips on nightlife/bars/clubs + shopping + stuff. Also public transportation. How easy/hard is it to get to the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal training complex (Shenley) + Chelsea training complex...
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    Dida Thread

    ^^^ I don't give a toss. Neither is it the right time to be a money-grubber nor do we suck less with him between the posts.