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  • You are a strange man. Usually people work in the other direction :D

    God bless your laptop (Y), maybe some other posters here should give up on theirs, we can call it a charitable act :D
    Since Morattipoli :mad: Serie A's image has gone down IMO, so its natural in Asia as well. And yeah, Moto GP is nowhere near F-1. :mad:
    No, no idea about them sharing or something. May be they choose as they like on weekly basis. :rolleyes: Just imagine Moto GP being covered by 3 channels simultaneously? :mad::(:head:
    ohok! Even vs Bologna its doubtful, coz TEN Sports & Action+ have Badminton (Saina) & Moto GP lined up so fucking NEO is our only hope again :(:mad: hope they dont go ahead with Moto GP as well. I hate these wannabe sports channels :cry:

    BTW tonight at 9 is recap of Brescia vs Milan match I guess on NEO.
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