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  • hey pedro, heb een team aangemaakt in uefa fantasy. jij had een competitie gecreeërd?
    Did not mean to offend you with the comparison. I'm sorry but don't overreact.
    I want barca in final .. one game .... that too in germany .... hope braca eliminates real in other side of the tourney .. its fucking wide open .. march of the devil towards munchen .. so sweet
    It showed her performing a song for a second, something stupid about not wanting to go to school. And because I was awake at 4.15am, as somebody who stays up until ridiculous times quite alot, I'd expect you to know late night tv is awful :tongue:
    It was called 'Switched' she didn't really perform a song, it just followed her around for a little. Seemed like a spoilt brat though. She's 15 at the time.
    Pedro. Bring back this girl in your sig. I'm watching some awful 10 year old mtv program and she's on it. Recognised the name.

    Pedro, another good game from strootman. What is the opinion on him in Holland, is he ready for a top club ?
    Hahaha :D i completely drunk my german dutch friend :p wait for pippo groupies to return then i will have complete set of compliments
    GAC stands for Guilty As Charged. People call me weird everytime..and it actually does make me feel really SPECIAL..there're a lot of layers of meaning beneath the 'weird' word, at least when people use it with me..basically means 'you're one of us but not LIKE're different; UNIQUE.'

    That's major. :thumbsup:
    Me, weird??

    GAC. :D:D:D:D

    Thanks so much too, I know you stood for me somehow.

    When I've got me some time we'll chat much..I just got into FM2011 like this last Saturday and it's taking me WHOLE..was on it from 10 p.m. Sunday all through till 12 noon today!!! 14 hours non-stop..hopefully I'll try to control myself tonite..I've got a presentation to start on PowerPoint anyways. :|
    It does HURT..about 15,500 human beings with families. Think about that. Think about the parents, the orphans, the bride who lost the one man in her life she was going to wed.. :cry:

    Anyone who has half a heart must've cried. I did for sure. Every person is unique, different, wonderfully made..but here you're talking of 15k people??

    Sawa did the whole of Nippon proud. She steered her girls to a deserved victory. :proud:

    Erika's naturally pretty, I like that type :thumbsup:..not the false beauty that comes with make-up.

    I'd love to date Erika :o

    But seriously I'm happy your girls won the WC..for the :star:people:star: who passed on in March.

    A cask of good saké. :cry:
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