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  • I might have, but if I sold Mata I would've moved Bale to replace him and I don't know who I would've placed at LB then.
    Pedro..I'm really sorry for the other day, forgive me at the least............need your do I add multiple pictures to my sig like in yours? I don't want to add from sites as I already have the pics on my sys..I did a horizontal montage but it kept on minimizing the pics, same with a vertical one, and I didn't exceed the size limit..thanks in advance.
    Was about to go to bed (with an inflatable doll, no less) when the thought came..why not ejaculate on Pedobear's visitor message box. So I just did so. Yipee!!! :tongue: I'm probably drunk.

    How are your ribs btw? Perfectly healed by now I guess. ¡NiteY!
    Hello Pedro. how are you doing today? i am Hargler by name and i am from Nigeria, also i am new here on the site.... i am 100% Ac Milan fan and i guess you are too, nice to meet you and hope to hear from you soon.. take care of your self.
    Bedankt! :)
    Onze kansen? Met veel respect naar Duitsland toe (vooral naar Sweinsteiger)..Ik denk dat het mogelijk is van Duitsland te winnen met de nodige moeite. Tegen Spanje is Nederland vrij kanslook vrees ik dus ik hoop op een final Nederland - Duitsland.
    I'm very surprised! Still happy tho ^^. We did got our luck with the first goal....again. Brazil was better and I expected them to advance just look at the poll in the Netherlands - Brazil thread, you will see. Glad I was wrong haha. Thanks :)
    Hi pedro am johnson, a milan fan as well.don't you think it's not about signing new players that matters but instead giving the younger players a chance to play. Thank. reply.
    pedro did you hear about this:

    "At breakfast with his international team-mates, Wesley Sneijder reportedly said to Piet Velthuizen, goalkeeper of a small Dutch club: "Hey, Piet, how much do you earn?" Velthuizen replied: "400,000 euros." "Don't you think it's funny," asked Sneijder, "that I make 20 times as much as you?"

    Is he known to have this kind of cocky attitude ?
    hi, congratulations on your darling vettel wining the f1 race in malaysia.....celebrating with heineken ?? :D
    Thanks for the wishes Pedro!

    And a Milan game is always beautiful, win or loss (but only when you're other option is to stare at a blank wall all day). :tongue:
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