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  • i shortlisted in 2 months ago and was planning to get him as soon as he was transfer available. And you know how bad i wanted a CM
    I guess you're right, but a Milan win wouldn't hurt. :tongue: Kind of scared now, I don't like the thought of being put to sleep and knowing my knee's gonna be chopped up like a piece of meat. Ok maybe that was too dramatic but still. :(

    I just hope after this week we will both be healed. :D
    See? Arn't you glad you went to the doctor? :D

    Thanks for the wishes but hope gone! I have surgery on March 10th. I know.. I'll most likely miss the game, but I have to get it done ASAP since the pain is getting worse (the next available date was much later). Hopefully first news I hear when I wake up is that Milan won. :proud:
    Flat feet! Not too bad. Hopefully you can do something to solve the problem.

    I have a doctors appointment in a few hours where I will find out if I have to have surgery (duh) and when.
    mate morning 4 i am off to sleep ;)
    cya around as enemies thats much more fun :D

    fuck you and your pirlo :D
    Yes it's me. :) I'm doing okay, can move my fingers without much pain now - Milan gave me alot of energy today.. but now I'm really bummed out.

    Anyway, forza Milan.
    I'm very glad for you. :)

    Hopefully the rest of the school year will continue going smoothly for you, and me (although it has started off rocky already). I always manage to turn things around, so hopefully the same will happen.
    Aw, :), that's very thoughtful of you. And I'm glad to say that...

    Pain is gone! I'm able to eat meat again. *drool*

    Why were you so happy yesterday? :tongue:
    Let's not talk about it. :D

    Next week I have midterms on Wednesday/Thursday/Friday. :gun: [textbooks]
    Thanks, that was very thoughtful of you. :)

    You've actually reminded me to go to bed so I don't pass out tomorrow. :tongue:
    Thursday. It's a computer programming test.. not my kind of thing. And I agree, hate them. They have a funny way of making you screw up even if you know the material. :rolleyes:

    I'm off to study without be distracted by the computer, and then get some sleep. Good luck with the presentation. :)
    It's almost 1 am.. basically 6 hours behind you guys. :)

    These slides suck though, they're so vague and I know I'm gonna have to end up reading the textbook to make sense of them. All I see are formulas and numbers.
    Haha, no presentations for me. :D ..I'd probably bail on them if it meant having a day off.

    It's 12:25 am here and I'm stuck studying from online slides, since I slacked off for most of the day (and randomly took a 3 hour nap in the evening).
    (I cannot give you a visitor message, nor a private message, so I guess I will reply here)
    Close to Eindhoven...
    Haha I just remembered.. yesterday my family ate spaghetti and sausage while I was eating soup and they made fun of me the whole time.. :cry:
    Yeah, I'm also a picky eater.. which doesn't help the situation! :tongue:

    And thank you for the wishes. :)
    Well the dentist said that this will happen until the tooth is fully grown. Teeth grow pretty slowly so I'm guessing a long time. :(

    Actually the pain comes and goes every few months.. but those 4-5 days that it lasts is torture - especially since I can't eat anything solid without horrible pains so I've had to survive with soup for the past few days.

    I've been putting salt on the inflammed gum and it seems to be helping a bit. Sorry that may have been too much detail. :D
    Don't worry time flies, by the time you get your results back you'll have forgotten all about it. :D

    My wisdom tooth has been making my life miserable for the past 2 days. :rolleyes:
    It was okay I suppose, the things I did wrong were stupid mistakes.

    How was yours today? :)
    I have a test tomorrow morning, chemistry.

    I should be studying now but I'm really tired and I'd instantly fall asleep if I opened my textbook.
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