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    Matthieu Saunier

    26 year old French CB, very solid performance against PSG He'd be the perfect partner for Romag
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    Big Sam, Sam Allardyce

    Here we celebrate the countless achievements of Mr Allardyce Milan needs this man if we are to compete with Jube and Sarri
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    Michael Jackson Bollywood Style LOL .. this guy owns :devil2:
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    Which American Pie character are you?

    Which American Pie Character Are You? My Results: Jim Well you're Jim. You're the guy that is made fun of most of the time in the group, and always seems unsuccessful when it comes to women, but every once in a while you can pull a hot girl... Not saying you will know what to do with...
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    Help for new jersey

    Well I've brought a Milan jersey, the white one (zafira) and it has no number or name at the back. and i was thinking what number should i have at the back but i dont know which one to have......... :devilcry: i'm confused coz i want to have something different. everyone has kaka, maldini...
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    Poulsen "Danish Player of the year" I can't believe this...Poulsen has been named Denmark's Player of the Year. He should also be voted the dirtiest player in Denmark...' The way he played against Milan (marking Kaka)
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    Zoro takes a stand on racism..... inter fans keep doing such shameful things.....last year in champs league vs milan fire objects on pitch.....and now racism. inter should be banned, 3 serie A games played behind closed doors :mad: