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  • I have to go shopping with my sister right now. But I will do it when I get back. I promise.
    looking rather svelte there young man...and looking good in purple!! ;)

    Maybe within the past 18 months recent. I think they were talking about the 2006 World Cup before the one in South Africa. They asked Gigi what he did when he got the trophy (he kissed it and raised it), etc.

    Yes you're supposed to find it, I've looked evrywhere.
    I'm supposed to find it? :o

    But no, any more details? Old/recent? What else was it about?
    I wouldn't have him as the scapegoat. To me he has proved himself. BTW: who did we want instead? Hernanes? :tongue: We were really lacking a midfielder who can run with the ball thus making opposed team switch their places a bit.
    I know, instant classic here(original is over 400k hits). The title of the video is an irony towards our National epos where our hero went to finland to tussle with their shaman.
    I'm totally sowwwwwwy for flipping over Tsash..you really can't blame me though, I mean I saw c4m in the mix and I lost it..she's like just decided to massively HATE on me for no palpable reason I know. :( That's aigh with me, but then the prob is she seems to have transferred her bile to every other mod/sup..now Cristina's infected. :/ But what the fuckkkkkkk...........

    So Tsash-a I guess we're still cool and I'm BACKKK, yeah!!!!! Did some RBF detoxing for the last 12 days or so..
    I really don't know what c4m's suspicious about, couldn't care but it has to be said..I'm disappointed with you Tsash..really. Should've known. Call me paranoid but I know what a great number of you guys here are saying behind my back. That's ok.

    Since the whole mod lounge's reading my VM's here, here's something you guys should consider..since I'm like gatecrashing this party just by being Nigerian why don't you guys just permaban me solely for that reason? Or get a group of guys to incite me so I do some bannable shit..no need to set up a kangaroo court, just get rid of me instantly and know the itch's gone. I mean I'm probably trying to ingratiate myself with you folks so I can subsequently scam you of your hard-earned dough.
    Just ban me outright, no need slandering me around your lounge and the forums. C4m you may have the honours, just do it.

    I should've known..this isn't for shitty trash like me. Thanks much Tsash for back-stabbing btw.
    I know..though it'd have been a pure barf-fest seeing your ex-man hooters in some drag corset..maybe add a bum short and them platform heels :D:D..I'm a perv right?
    The one my ma did (or does, not sure) was like this waist belt thingy that those beefcake weight-lifters/World's Strongest Butches :) wear..it's supposed to like do a lipo-on-the-go for the wearer. Saw it in her wardrobe and gave her the interrogation of her life..and then I felt like ***ing her..:o:o:o
    Wait, you haven't felt that way before, honestly? Me I have a MILF for a mother (no kiddin) so don't blame me..

    I'm not exactly fit myself..so much heavy metal's gotten me as thin as the Queen guy (from Zanzibar) post-HIV infection :( but I still have my six pack intact..and a V torso to match..just a bit of corpus and we're good to go.
    WTF!!!! Ever since I caught my mum with one of those I've been scarred mentally :D:D.........most important thing's that it worked but still...

    Uh, that doesn't like make much sense :conf:.......you actually wrote on your profile, swweeeeet..like Tsasha visits Tsasha and leaves anti-DID prescription pills LOOOOOOL..
    About yesternite, sorry..couldn't keep up..saw your pix and actually had a couple fainting spells till like 6 this morning :D:D:tongue:..you looked a bit like Brendan Fraser in some of those, my legs let go n/h :o:o:o Yeah I know there's a mighty demand for Corz's pics atm but now is not the time..let's say I'm like whipping up the anticipation, like y'all WANT me so fucking bad :)

    There'll be lots of pics in time, that's fo sho, and even a couple video journals........

    Btw you've squashed your b belly, how you do that?
    Oh my..hate it when I can't get my fingers around Tsomething that Tseems pretty e-a-s-y..my brain's still Tsoaked in alco anywayzz..
    Is it the Tsar, or the Tsarina, or Rasputin who was banging the Tsarina under the Tsar's nose, or kinky Russian rough sex?? Or Britney being Tspeared by Winnie the r*tarded Pooh?
    I actually did 722.85219 seconds on it.....wait a minute, that's like some sort of ancient speak isn't it?? The Chinese like that shit so it's that..Ancient Chinese Speak..I'm wrong right?
    Naah it's not like I was looking for a fight or anything..actually felt chatty then and a bit Boateng-y (you know the story where Ibra walks up to him in the locker room........) but anyway..what's it with those weird T's??? Some evvvilllllll code?
    hi there interested to meet another die hard fan of milan. check me out peace
    On an afterthought...........no cackling from me..actually thought you were after my scruff on the match thread..no need breaking the ice then.
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