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  • Just seriously think about it. According to her she has very good persuasive techniques. This might be the best idea I've ever had! :D
    Didn't Blatter run unopposed couple years ago? Whoever tries to get cant compete with your charisma. Get c4m to run as your Veep and you will control the carribean. :devil3:
    If I have to ask you to clear your pm's one more time, I'm going to hack into your account and delete every one of them myself.

    Be warned.
    But who? Players are becoming increasingly specialized now. They don't make them like Clarence anymore
    So speaking of AM's, do you think we could get Jovetic now that he's injured and Fiore aren't doing much. Now that everyone's raving about the Ozils and Pastores I think he wouldn't be too expensive.
    Last time I went out for Halloween was when I was 14, and I went as Matt Skiba in the Alkaline Trio Halloween DVD.

    I'm going to go to the tactics thread and fantasise about wide players.
    Idiots using them.

    I know nothing about new generation phones and their apps. My logic suggest people should be able to get the info/app in the net as well if they pay but I don't know how and not interested to figure it out. That's why I smoothly forwarded this to you. ;)
    Why did you choose the ugliest picture of T. Silva as your sig? sorry but it annoys me a lot.
    The guys commentating the match raised an interesting point regarding our performances. Allegri had been working with a team for the whole preseason, and then right at the end you lose Borriello (who was important to the way the team worked) and bring Ibra and Robinho, so all of a sudden you have a very different team and it's like you need to start working all over again.

    The Lecce game was pretty much the team Allegri had been working with all summer and now it seems like he's back to square one (they also seemed much more motivated during Lecce, though). Injuries + schedule aren't helping either.

    I would love to post this more publicly but right now I'm forecasting a storm of "FU B+G+Allegri I better coach look at me I'm 15 an can use the internets."
    fucker you know i am messing around and will be the forum nemesis for you till one of us is banned

    Nothing serious about it cause you are way too much fun :p I cant live here without taking a jab at you :beer:
    haha im sorry man...she's must have lived in cali for too long now. gentleman mode is like crack to them here. sounds like you got back to mackin though :D

    psst...girls from ashy's school are...idk...alright (some hot, few smokin, rest grenades/land mines). they're everywhere here right now doing that ******** gator chop bullshit. im goin out right now. game is about to be spit. we've been switching between mimosas (classy/ballin shit) and jack+coke for a while now. post game report to follow...
    Bert the Broker is brilliant! Cheers for that.

    I'm off nights at the moment, thank fuck, so I work any time between 10am and 10pm. I'm just rubbish at sleeping. I'm sure as hell not working 60-hour weeks - how in God's name do you manage that?

    Outstanding post on Allegri's tactics, by the way. Don't really know how to respond to it though because you've basically covered everything.
    I may have to impregnate the Iranian girl in my Facebook photo. That is one handsome, unfunny man. Are there any current American comedians who don't just do "edgy" racial stereotype-based jokes?
    shit man i just got it, so i assume you're already out with her.

    can't think of any really specific shit...just remember...SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN SHIT...compliment her...she'll want little SM_84s running around before you know it. you know i expect a post game report...
    What do you make of Robinho's arrival? Tbh I think it could go very well or very bad. If he takes a "backup" role and we can rotate Ibra, Dinho, Binho, and Pato at SS and Pato, Ibra and Pippo at CF that's awesome possibilites right there. On the other hand, if he bitches about not being a starter I think we could be in for a messy season.
    hahahaha about the G/Zlatan comments

    southern girls ADORE a gentleman, which is probably why she was thanking you so much for not taking advantage of her. obviously follow the universal chick law about not looking like you want it too much, but yeah i'd say if you think she's cute, give her a call mang. take her out and remember...gentleman mode. she'll eat it up.

    did she know who zlatan is? :D
    Yo, what is the easiest way to edit videos? I dreamed of making a little sth but I couldn't get anywhere with it. So I reduced my expectations a bit and now I have a video in one clip and audio in another - how to put them together? I can't send you a video of screaming Zlatan since my photo camera doesn't have audio ...
    persian chick update: i done goofed

    so last night, im pretty drunk...heading back to get some sleep around 3:30. she texts me and asks me where i am, so i tell her and she happens to be 30 secs away so she comes to talk/whatever. anyway, about 30 mins pass by and its 4 in the morning so i told her i needed to get back. give her a hug and then she just goes in for what turned out to be a less than enjoyable kiss (she's drunk too). anyway, im really not attracted to this chick and i know she thinks things are getting real or whatever...which is why i wanted to avoid hooking up with her so i could just stay in the friend zone.

    i don't want to be a dick and ignore her calls/texts, but shit....i'm just NOT interested. again, i done goofed :D
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