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  • You'll not find anyone in my team close to that. I had to sell Muntari to get Xavi(that didn't go as well) - so..I don't Take a look anyways.

    I know he's one of the best - that's why I'm offering Cambiasso + 10 --- I'd give you Cambiasso + 20 ...but that will be as high as I'll go. They are rated the same.
    haha yeah i remember you talking about that chick. so i assume you told them you were dating her to make them feel all warm and fuzzy? do you want to date her?

    i'd be fine with hooking up with this chick here and there, but shit..i'm not trying to have a gf right now. i know you can level with me there lol
    Ok, post game report from lunch with the Persian chick yesterday.

    Cute, but not bangin or anything. I thought we were just going to grab something close, but told me we're driving across town to some place she liked. hmm....
    So we get there and she starts talking about her family and shit (holy shit she is loaded as fock), telling me she wants me to come over to her house (she's originally from Knoxville) to meet them and shit today. didn't really know what to say to that, but i told her i couldn't. Then, I walked her back to her dorm after we drove back and tell her bye and she's like "Oh, no. Come up to my room." Idk what was going on...i just wasn't feeling it, but i went up. awkward as shit b/c i could tell what was on her mind. anyway, i eventually got out of there. chances of me being drunk tonight are extremely high, so i imagine i might want to give her a call then.
    you see, i suggested lunch b/c i'm not sure about the girl yet. my mom is friends with her mom and says she's "beautiful," and she texted me the other day and introduced herself as that daughter my mom was talking about. luckily i get done with classes early on friday so i'll have time to shower and shit beforehand.

    i'll try to get a pic if it's worth getting ;)
    thanks broseph btw :D
    Ok man, coming to you because this is your specialty....Persian chicks.

    Going to lunch with one probably thursday/friday. She doesn't seem like the kind of materialistic bitch you talk about (LA Persians, etc), but she's def loaded. Any secrets tips?
    I think he's a great player exactly the type of defender I like. Not a brute and definitely comfortable on the ball. However everyone here expected him to be the country's savior and he just couldn't carry that pressure.

    PS. I don't think Pirlo sucks, btw he's one of my favorite players.
    Oh hai Sam!

    I think I just have an aversion to their style of play because attacking football, for me, should be about pace and width.

    I don't think Alonso is a natural DM, but I honestly don't think he's much worse at it than Busquets. You're probably right though. If there was a time for my suggestion, it was against the weaker sides. They'll need a bit of bite in the midfield against the better teams.

    I resent Busquets and Senna so much. How much fun must it be to get praised for being "quietly effective" when you just stand aside and let arguably the best midfield in the world do all the work?

    (I would put this in one of the threads, but I don't have the energy for the "debate" that would follow)
    Some boy, Wynalda. I'm getting pretty pissed off with the BBC guys not letting Seedorf talk enough.

    Remember how badly Spain struggled against a mediocre but organised Italian side in '08? They spend the whole game waiting for a mistake (like half a dozen Portuguese defenders all simultaneously losing their nerve and charging at the ball) or for Villa to do something ridiculous. If they dropped that waste of a shirt Busquets, brought Alonso deeper and played ANY of their awesome wide players they would be so much more dangerous.

    Maybe the masters of glorious attacking football are actually just keeping possession as a defensive tactic. It doesn't seem to have any attacking purpose...
    So, did you enjoy the efforts of Spain's wonderful ball-players with no movement around them?
    seriously. why the hell is he commentating the cl final? dudes goofy as hell

    btw webster knew more about american sports than i thought
    they are doing their secondary duties very well but not performing really well on their primary assignements, anto is linking well with dinho along with seeorf and god he is fast. but where are his crosses, not solid in defense not yet

    abate also same but his linkage with any of milan player is abysmal but he dont have any support in right

    krasic on right would be great. abate need not to venture that much ahead every single time
    do we need a striker more a wc midfielder more??
    or krasic for hunt and a creative dm like hernanes?

    i read somewhere(may be wet) if you have a great midfield pressure on the defense would be far less

    secind issue is there is no link between attack and midfield
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