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  • i watched that game.. bray just tripped when you needed most .. always find a way to lose :fp:

    it was the best chance you will get this season ..
    still you leaked 20 something :eek: dooley will go 12-0 against ranked team thats too much .. your defense is non SEC

    OMG youi guys lost to kentucky last year :eek: i dont know what to say
    I'll PM you it.
    sorry that I didn't see that you left a message, I've been working all week
    'Ey, your sig is awesome. Is there a higher res version of that available? I won't steal it, but I think it's fuckin awesome.
    first three thats it :D 2 pre sec game and the usual vol win .. shit is crazy .. urban left a mess .. muschamp is building it .. but kids are either beating up their girl friends or smoking pot .. what about you guys? are you any good?
    nice .. oh me ?? like tennesse in football ... shafted properly at job :D

    btw your lady vols coach retired .. mad respeck ..

    just dont die .. please :D
    I may of forgotten the exact steps but.. I remember clicking on the link you posted, then I clicked the picture to make it full size, then I clicked on "view more sizes" or something on the top? Chose large and got the picture's URL.
    hahahah you are awesome but meyer is better fake punt i had some work and i went crazy and one girl near the tv room went crazy ripping her tshirt :D

    Bang them dude you are a milanista and we want more milan fans in america :D
    your stadium is beautiful :eek: should have come there but i was broke and its a heck of a drive.

    So couldnt come
    dude, so last night i smushed on the southern girl :D. And I can safely say your advice did NOT work. I was firmly in friend zone after nice guy act on date one. So i kinda chalked it up as a loss.... And then she started texting me. It got annoying. To be honest, I wasn't interested but went out with her a second time. Generally acted like a dick (think how I respond to pirlo haters) next thing you know, game time (atleast thats what's going thru my head right before...)
    Just got back. Hellllllla weird. So she's all about it, i laid on the senatore charm. Best part, she was like 3rd gen ukranian (whatever that means) but knew how to speak some ukranian... it literally gave me sheva boner. I was also really pleased with myself cause i thought she was a bar 6, but on sober re-evaluation, a 7 or 8.

    Anyway, so as i'm walking her back she's kinda talking bout her ex, which i tried to steer from. but at same time shes making play at me (holding hands etc), so as i walk her up we kiss, shes into it then she stops and says shes just too heartbroken over ex. etc. etc. etc. (you don't need details... she moved to SF from NC to be w/ him and he was seeing someone else). So i just kinda smiled and said, no biggie i'll call you over the weekend..... she was cool (like dateable cool) but i'm content w/ boning, which im sure i can pull... still weirdness
    did she know who zlatan was? Absolutely not

    Did I care? Absolutely not :D

    The gentlemen thing eh? You're probably right, i put a cup of water for her in morning too, she ate that shit up. With girls in CA you gotta kinda be a dick. No girl likes the nice guy act.
    For my southern homie:

    Had my first southern exerience last night ;)

    So this girl approached me at a bar and gave me a napkin with her name and number on it. Old school move I havent seen in years...

    She's from north carolina and long story short we talked for a while and i brought her home. She just got a job/started grad school out here. Hella weird. anyway, we get back start hooking up and she PASSES OUT on my couch. I try to see if its temporary but she's out like mike tyson v. buster douglas. Eitherway in morning she's all embarassed and telling me how nice i am for not taking advantage (I said "you're welcome i'm not a rapist"). I do remember one thing though, she asked what i do, and i said 'i run shit like galliani' (lol). I was on a hella big high after galliani big dick'd barca. Infact I asked her what she thought of zlatan too! Had to do it (this was ALL over her head)

    Should I call her? She kept saying "normally i'm more boring than this!" on repeat.
    Dude I hope i can make it to there are so many constraints........... like galliani says 99.9% i couldnt attend

    Oh your guy is good he is tailor made for NFL but come on your guy is nothing in comparison to tebow at-least in college level, NOW i dont know about the big league because I dont follow denver brancos....
    Easy moves to push her off....
    a) Keep incinuating ___ friend thinks shes really cute
    b) Casually mention other girls to her
    c) Don't show her your penis

    In that priority order.
    she goes to school in LA and has to move back in 3 weeks. So i'm keeping it casual. She also broke up with a long term boyfriend, so i'm hoping i'm rebound.

    Nah I jkust play it coy, especially w/ my uncles. Just said "yeah we had good time, shes nice" etc. And try and divert subject. With the persian families, paying a compliment will take you many places.

    Edit: from what i gather and my knowledge of most persian chicks, she seems to want to lock you down. So be careful and distant, otherwise you'll either a) get in a relationship or b) come off as huge asshole and if ur parents know each other, u dont want that
    Excellent Stuff :D

    Post lunch hook up would be REALLY awkward. Yeah my man, sounds like she's trying to tie you down HARD. Thats how those girls are, you gotta keep some distance.

    So you know how i posted bout that persian girl i met at family party thing couple weeks ago. Last night i had to go to another dinner party thing (before going out) at my parents. Word split I took her out on a date, (i didn't tell my parents) good fucking god, 100 questions from every aunt, uncle and family friend. "So are you dating?!" And what do I say, I mean her parents are friends with my parents friends....
    lunch date?! NO NO NO. Clear track to friend zone[/hitch]

    hhmm, my experience... she's likely to take some work (don't expect a mid lunch blowjob) and might play a bit hard to get. Don't let it frustrate you. Best advice I can give, girls like that are typically really self conscious about there parents thoughts on guys (and tend to have same ideas). So look put together, don't act like a bum, and be confident in yourself. They all got daddy syndroms and are attracted to strong personalities
    first of all we wont lose second i will try to come :p not sure never ever done an away trip, i am saving it for seminoles :p

    I will look past my jelously and say that I hope you are enjoying your trip to Italy. :)

    Tough luck about the Napoli game, I hope you'll still manage to have a good time.
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