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  • Nick Webster: WHY ISNT SEEDORF PLAYING!?!? (tries to imply leo has issue w/ seedorf because of early season thing in inter game. Lol such a stretch)
    I only saw first 30 mins (taped it, will watch it all later). ALL Beckham. Wynalda had a theory that he backed up by saying he did the same thing... that Beckham has taken too many shots over the years to his ankle particularly and it just gave out. They had a doctor on who said is definitely a possibility.
    I always wanna call in but i don't watch it live. Wynalda is right though. No reason becks shoulda played. But we all knew that before hand :-/
    literally cannot wait to here wynalda's analysis of our game last week. I know nicky webstaah will bash milan. Twatface moron
    Hey mate I didn't know you posted on here also. I don't post on here as much, but I made one when I was bored at work. I try and stick to the Italian side though.
    What's behind numbers 615 or your name? There's a rapper in Estonia with the same name/number ...
    I need to go back to my momm's house and look for it. gonna have to wait til Sunday for more info. But I'm pretty sure my SAT score (old format) was in the high 1300 range. Dont rememembr my ACT score.
    I just ruined my boxers reading that.... i am now forwarding it to all my asshole friends who don't respect pirlo or think xavi or someone else is better. I truly believe, put him in spain, he'd get more hype than xavi. you saw what he did v. real madrid (the 2nd best team in spain).
    fuck, noooo i didn't! I was watching warriors-cavs game (Being a warriors fan is like a heroin addiction). What'd he say?!?
    Love Wynalda. Clash legend. Hate Landon. Hate the fact he has talent to play for a club like Milan (note: talent) but the mentality to play for a club size of bari. He needs to be focal point, such a pussy
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