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  • I am fine, thanks. yeah i like our framework like you mentioned quality players all around. continuity and maturation will help us grow, whats your take on starting midfield?
    without cl we are staring down :fp: we did a lower end budgetary reload , monty dejong, urby, KPB , muntari looks legit prospective midfield, just have to play as a team :thumbsup:
    I like CB core to be honest but Ambro needs to be there for big games.
    I am worried about DM position, need somebody to block the center lane, but work ethic in mid can compensate it stil, that place should be secured :(
    Attack i hope bojan and pazzini just lit up the league .. de scg kid looks good, defesive acumen still not there
    pato or bojan needs to explode and carry us through the small teams in serie a
    you are right as a team we have room to improve .. very exciting time but challenging too

    Finally we are revamping i love this
    whats the take on our summer transfer .. and the midfield .. you can leave out flamini , i know how great he is :o
    yup dont exhaust all our transfer funds in one go

    is simply good for this squa.. i think galliani will buy something like that but cheaper and less effective :lol:
    then again arent you spending a lot just for getting us to CL and betting on chemistry ?
    Poli is one for the future and pazzini is good, but he will cost 12 million.

    sorry I dont rate vargas so highly because of his off the field problems .

    We are in a tricky situation, we need to rebuild without losing the cl spot and get the cl spot without adding not so great/stop gap signing ..

    Jesus its tricky
    Hahah fine .. pazzini just works fine he will score if cassano is still here .
    I am also bullish on poli very versatile high potential player but not money in the bank

    Urby is one player i wanted allegri to develop into something .. he as a LB I dont know what to say . Shit having only three places in serie a SUCKZZZZZZZZ :eek:

    forza serie a from now ownwards.

    Management is going to buy a sure star player to make sure we attain our cl spot if not :fp: Jesus
    I dont know man

    If Dzeko is coming i want ibrahim Affeley .. Dzeko and pato would be :fp; both of them are brain dead most of the times ..

    I will take Berbaflop :eek:, a midfielder(strrot, sahin, hernanes)and a defender (CB/defender)
    name a striker which we should sign?
    Dzeko ? Tevez? RVp :eek: some unknown bundesliga striker? carrol ? Ba?
    Depends upon zlatan .. i want a number 10 or even a hernanes as a CM .. monty and one half winger.. need to clear out brasilians up front..

    this team doesnt hae anyone who can tackle, who can keep possession and cant cross :eek: OMG you are right i will wait and drink beer and kiss berlus feet
    name potential midfielders for next season .. i like monty .. i think also like him :)
    Seems like an exciting career for you , good stuff..

    Yeah We will never go for someone like strootman . He doesnt have the "star" quality berlu and galliani look for . Their first preference is always the nike/adidas hyped [/sm84] :D brazilian..Ganso, paulinho :o..some random chump from the south america..:fp:
    fck you for giving to milano, he comes to a decision and then use stats for the same, not the other way around :mad:
    haha i am sick of 4-3-3 or 4-1-1-1-1--1 or 4-2-4 , bring back stone age 4-4-2 :lol: nah i dont want to grow up or do like ancelotti did, put a poacher up and stack with all kinds of midfielders and let them sort it out :D

    These kids wont stand a chance in 3 men midfield thats what i think, one mistake and they will be skinned alive, let seeeee. merkel seems good but he needs to be ore than this to be a midfielder in milan
    oh your take on merkel? he moves good and seems like technically decent can he be a corner stone in this three men midfield? i dont trust management to buy anything we want except taiwo and mexes :eek:
    Completely agree with your parts, strasser/strootman like long term but solid specialist to anchor upon and boa is necessary but he needs some discipline and of course taiwo is needed one attacking one defending fullback ala brasil 2002 :D

    I dont even understand what allegri does now a days but i love him ... lets see and wait till end of the season. cheers that was a good discussion
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