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  • and what about fullbacks man, when we will we use the width, honestly we are not carlos tea to just boss opponents just with out technical skills, central penetration :D is great but we need somebody flying in the wings, so frustrated
    I agree with your thoughts on bommel and few of others, I dont understand allegri, he wants a mobile team then he does something inexplicable.

    I would love to have a young holder or a player in the center like strootman or even strasser :D but they are so inexperienced. and a midfielder who can do everything esp in attack.

    three men attack with three men midfield plagued by players who are not specialized on anything seems weird for a disjoint team like milan, I would want to push aqua up front because i dont think he can manage the team. i want a CAM or a LW who can run into the box and shadow zlatan when swede wants to be an assist man, boa is not that great.

    Bale and de rossi, or rico, strootman and hamsik :D i cant pin point the players because we are broke as fuck
    :o of course i am but i aspire for excellence :o to be real everything looks shit to me sometime :D except for silva and nesta

    I dont know whats happening :p oh i dont remember what i said about our transfer market, van bommel is not playing that great for milan, hope he picks up
    Hmm ... is that it or is it supposed to be updated? I have most of that. Thanks though.
    Yo, know anything about new Chelski signing Ulises Davila? Been reading that he was highly-scouted and is very highly rated in Mexico. Anything more you can add to this?
    you dont have hype machine in your post :cry: I am thinking of moving my head quarters to pippo threat and I am sure i can reignite passion in this forum

    for that i have to think whether its worth the trouble since I like that dude when he plays :D
    nah aqua wont be hated by me :D

    if kaka arrives i would start monty anyway, monty will start no matter in my line up and in case mvb is not playing i would love to see monty there, sorry captain. Monty can really be a very very versatile strong player he can play anywhere and Aqua can really develop here and he is not a weak player



    I would add gattuso to beef up the sides, until big games i will give lot of room for monty and aqua without allowing them step over each other and these guys can combine really well . And out of these two we can get atleast one mainstay for milan
    Monty or Aqua suit us? for me its monty like we discussed if both come what will be our best starting XI?
    Pitacodogringo: ex Arsenal man, Denílson, gets sent off for a second time in his brief spell back at São Paulo. this time vs Ceará in the Copa Sul-Americana

    Your boy getting in double trouble :lol:
    BTW: Did you multiplied the games with passes per match to get the totals all by yourself or used some other source?
    I think we have enough Goetze pieces :lol:

    No, ofc you should do it. Blogpost maybe? Looking forward to reading it.
    couldn't get to the link so checked our squad summary on the site. I think it's attempted passes/overall. Seems a more logical way to give stats - attempts and then the percentage rather than completete passes and the average percentage.
    how would you see him in future, not what you want. what will he develop into a poacher a ss or something special?
    I know players take quantum leao with a season esp in early 20s.. still how would you predict pato is going to grow up
    :lol: thanks sir ... ofcourse one more question how will your boy sahin play in real if they buyone more striker :eek:
    I just want to troll but i will limit here ibra for karim and drogs or screw head balo to partner hype machine ?
    I completely agree, ganso is not needed if we have zlatan too many static players on the field ...
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