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  • yeah I hope we buy a flying rw and a mover like hamsik upfront and monto at left... because monto will be assisted by taiwo ... but tactics is not my strong point ...
    maestro boy ... a report on montoliva please ... you seem the anti football genius over here
    Hehe, not realiable but i dont seem to see anything else. Not like big clubs have been keen for him yet.
    Shakhtar Donetsk have offered £4m plus midfielder Willian for want-away Arsenal midfielder Denilson . . . . Hehehehe
    haha would be a very interesting fight if it was a boxing match id say SBW would win but if it was MMA Ibra would take it cos he has those head kicks :lol:
    Good to hear yeah everything good over here too.
    Haha I didn't even watch the fight just heard it wasn't that impressive. All Whites vs socceroos were on so watched that instead we lost 3-0 :fp:
    not gonna lie not the biggest sbw fan but hes shown hes good on the rugby field starting to like him more but his average :o but was for a good cause so good on him. Would like to see him vs someone who is actually in shape next time tho :D
    nnaaaah thats not right i dont have anything against you my beef is against deep lying mfs :o :D
    trolling fee has been assigned by mod in pirlo thread :o

    shit i almost posted an awesome post :o:o
    peerlo is overrated :D

    Thanks mate I love south africa in every sports, except for vuvu (football wc)and you foks in cricket thread :D
    Hello San Pato. how are you doing today? i am Hargler by name and i am from Nigeria, also i am new here on the site.... i am 100% Ac Milan fan and i guess you are too, nice to meet you and hope to hear from you soon.. take care of your self.
    Mate you must be guttered. I feel for you to lose the game like that is terrible. Yous defended so well and to be beaten by a forward pass and a dodgy TMO call is crap. Only thing positive is that the game tri-nations wasnt decided on that
    LOL...well can't say much about our football team...currently our paralympic basketball team> our football team :o....actually excited for the WC ..:D
    I think this is how you send a message lol. uh yeah thanks for the message. I really hope you do well next year not too fussed if we don't win tbh it would be great if we did but I dont get too downhearted if we lose maybe during WC time I'll change my mind and get more into it. I love football too much All Whites > All Blacks lol
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