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  • Hey, you should relax. I'm sure things will be fine in a couple of weeks (are you on week 1 now?), and youll get a lot more time to do other things.

    Dont worry, following Milan will be a piece of cake :)

    Let me know if you need some specific help. If there's too much work, ask seniors for help. They'll be happy to.
    I was a Computer Sc Engineer before my MBA. Most of your batchmates will be engineers. Absolutely nothing to worry about.

    There will be a couple of subjects, like Accounting and maybe some parts of Finance, where CAs will be naturally at home more than engineers. But you can easily catch up in a week or two.

    Like I said, I've found that being a fresher was actually advantageous for placements. Ultimately depends on the kind of job you want, but investment banks prefer freshers. Consulting firms prefer people who've done well in acads throughout. General Management roles probably prefer people with work-ex.

    In my view, it is easier when you're a fresher because you aren't limited by existing baggage. IT workex is absolutely useless, unless you re-join an IT firm after MBA.
    Hey, congrats! Sorry for the delay, I had somehow missed that message.

    There's no strict Dos and Don'ts man.. And it depends a lot on the campus as well. Ahd had its rituals, Indore will have something different.

    Imp thing is to figure out early as to what you want to do after the 2 years. If you're looking for a top i-bank job or consult job, work towards that from Day 1. If you're looking for more of a work-life balance kinda job, try to achieve that in the campus itself :) I cannot stress how important it is to not lose yourself/your aims/what YOU want to do, when faced with the crazy peer pressure and rat race. Don't fall in that trap.

    One thing will probably be true - More than the acads, the placements etc, the most important thing you'll gain from an IIM will be your peers and the amazing network that you'll build.

    Let me know if you've any specific questions..
    Yeah ..not really putting much faith in anything ....Galliani hasn't come out and declared interest at all ...all just hearsay :( ...still feel it's highly unlikely
    What's the hype? :)

    Life's good man.. Lots of good paying jobs out there for a top tier MBA right now.
    Yeah, I got in as a Fresher. Indore was a surreal interview for me. They just asked my details and CAT score and let me go home. My score was high enough to warranty converts from I, L, K.. Hence, can't really give useful tips for those interviews.
    Not really. Becomes tougher IMO. You need to take time out from work to prepare etc.. As far as the insti is concerned, they'll always maintain a balance b/w fresher and work ex intake. If you prep well, chances are that you are in a smaller pool of 'well-prepared people'. Freshers are all well-prepared. Hence, it is upto you.
    Well, I'd say you should take it.. I don't really know you - so if you're 100% confident of landing C or AB again, then ditch K. But otherwise, it is a very good insti to study at. And pretty similar to Indore in terms of placements. Maybe even better.
    No, I'm an IIMA grad, '09 batch. Indore and Kozhikode are both good instis, I wouldnt pass up a final call from there, in case of an ABC reject. And being a fresher is often advantageous during placements.
    Sorry bro, im currently in the Caribbean on the Island where I was born and brought up so you can say im at home :tongue:

    Im working with my uncle as hes opening a new boutique out here so for the time being im quite busy with that. I will find time soon and start posting again.

    Hope all is well with you, tc.
    Sad but true :head:...still love our management ...most comical in the world :proud:

    There is no other team in my heart :proud: ...I just watch those games for the players ...if gotze,munian and Strootman don't play ....fvck that :D
    Currently studying Biokinetics and will eventually move into sports psychology

    Strootman :proud: ....don't count on it . Braida and Galliani are Brazil exclusives :proud:....maybe if MVB becomes coach ...Strootman and Eriksen :o :tongue:
    It's in line with my future career so I try to keep up with the latest sports .......try to watch what I can-which is Milan,Dortmund,Athletic Bilbao and PSV :D

    It's usually different times ,so it works out ...+ working part-time at a gym, not much people on saturdays ....sports on TV ....poor work ethic ....etc etc :p
    Naa , he gets limited jerseys of limited players. Last term he got Pirlo , Zlatan , Pato and Inzaghi in away and 3rd. Availability is also an issue. Away jerseys are hard to get.
    Hey which quiz? I was in two , the India Quiz and the other general quiz , didnt get through :\

    Were you there for Campus Crucible ?
    Revel's is a piece of crap. If you are into death metal do watch out for a band called Derelict.! Sure! Message me on facebook whenever you plan to come! Haha Cisco! Nice! What's your elective? planning on a masters in engg or mba?
    Btw , If you ever come to Manipal , I can help you buy Jerseys. We have this great place here who gets jerseys from the factory outlets. Sells them at 1600. Which is halfprice. Gets the top names aswell. I Got a Inzaghi Home 10'11.
    I just started off with 2nd year. CSE for me too. Lovely beach you guys have! Its hard to find Milan supporters. Since when have you been following Milan? Ragged a lot in your time? :D
    Hey Sushanmilano.

    Im nearby in Manipaltech. I need to come to NITK! I missed crackdown as well though my friend's won it :)
    Branch and year?
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