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David 15-04-2002 19:14

Just a test... Just wanted to see whether the polls are working or not.

efford 15-04-2002 19:40

i voted for blablab albal abla bab blabalb lab labla
...just testing!

scharatz 17-04-2002 22:58

where to hell is roberto baggio here!?

Seamus 18-04-2002 19:36

He is driving the bus that hit Swan. thats not it.
He is chopping down the tress you and the monkeys live in. that not it either.

Mabey he is to busy trying to help David get the new forum up and running? Dont' worry about it it is only a test, but if it makes you feel better I would like a cast a write in wote for Roberto Baggio. :lol:

scharatz 18-04-2002 19:47

don't make me you!!! :D ;)

Seamus 18-04-2002 20:15

That is so funny because when I put in the emoticon I saw that one and the 1st thing I though was that you were going post back and put that in. :lol:

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