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walt 28-05-2002 16:02

For all those guys of you: Pleez vote Milan to the win against Bruges at
It would be nice winning that cup !

A question to the webmaster: How many visitors you had before moving to the xtratime webhosting ? Did they accept immediately your application ?

David 28-05-2002 23:20

You've got a nice site. You should be accepted. It is just that the guy who owns XT is pretty busy with his own life so it might take a while, I assume.

walt 01-06-2002 09:53

com'on Milan must win the game in the ES Cup ...

scharatz 01-06-2002 11:55

i voted 15 times :conf: :D

efford 01-06-2002 11:56

The club-badges dont show up right now so i dont know who's who :head:

scharatz 01-06-2002 11:59

because the site is busy. 908123476 people want to vote for milan after the denmark game! :D

milan is bottom, left ;)

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