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vincent.m3 17-08-2007 15:24


Originally Posted by radioactivenerd
anyone following the game?
whats happening in our semi final?


Milan lose 2-1... :cry:

GreatKalu 17-08-2007 15:42

Another one bites the dust. Good run nevertheless.

David 17-08-2007 16:09

Who scored for us?

warmth 17-08-2007 16:15

Here you go... F*** JUVE!!!


Originally Posted by
Marcatori: Esposito al 17' p.t.; Pasquato (rig.) al 4' e P.Aubameyang al 24' s.t.
MILAN: Offredi; Cosner (cap.), Bruscagin, Darmian, Ruggeri (Fondrini dal 1' s.t. e Romagnoli dal 32' s.t.); Furlan (Rampinini dal 28'p.t.), Caraglia, Osuji, P.Aubameyang; Travaini (Orlandi dal 1'.s.t.), Umunegbu. All. F.Galli.
JUVENTUS: Merlano; Bamba, Bassaoule, Ariaudo, Duravia; Esposito, Vecchione, D'Antoni, Pasquato (Leta dal 32' s.t.); Daud (Borin dal 28' s.t.), Campagna. All. Chiarenza.
AMMONITI: Bamba, Daud. ESPULSO (doppia ammonizione): Bassaoule.

Tony75 17-08-2007 17:52

buve scored a penalty invented by the ref, and Milan missed several chances to equalise too. Nevertheless. Lets beat them tonight.

David 19-08-2007 21:53

They also lost the little final 1-3 vs. Flamengo. Pierre Aubameyang the scorer again.

menon_inc 20-08-2007 02:21


Originally Posted by David
They also lost the little final 1-3 vs. Flamengo. Pierre Aubameyang the scorer again.

We should drop Gila and give him a chance :D

Surfer 20-08-2007 11:44

Too bad for our team, but we can be proud of them because they were with the top which isn't bad !

Pierre Aubameyang should get a chance with the real squad or loaned out because he looks a good striker.

Inzaghi9 20-08-2007 11:52


Originally Posted by Kak├*_&_Gourcuff
Too bad for our team, but we can be proud of them because they were with the top which isn't bad !

Pierre Aubameyang should get a chance with the real squad or loaned out because he looks a good striker.

when I saw them on eurosport Pierre even wasn┬┤t playing as a striker...he was like a left midfielder,so pretty good 6 games 7 goals...

Jasper 21-08-2007 06:55

The final result hasn't been mentioned here:

MILAN - The Primavera team of Milan finished in fourth place in the Under 19 World tournament in Malaysia following the 3-1 defeat against Flamengo. The first half ended 1-1, with Pierre Aubameyang scoring the goal for the Rossoneri, who were coached by Filippo Galli. The striker finished first in the top scorer list to win the Roberto Bettega award.

Surfer 06-10-2007 14:01

Anyone knows how our Primavera are doing in the League now ?

No Di Gennaro, Darmian, Aubameyang,... wonder how they reacted on the losses...
+ how good the new youngsters from (Slovenia?) play..

Besi 06-10-2007 19:21

TRIESTE - Ottimo esordio in campionato per la formazione Primavera di Filippo Galli. Sul campo sintetico di Trieste i rossoneri hanno battuto la Triestina per 5-0. Quattro i gol nel primo tempo con le reti di Caraglia, P.Aubameyang (2) e Osuji. Nel secondo tempo ha chiuso la sfida Paloschi.

Primavera won the 1st game in league.. 5 - 0 vs Triestina..

Caraglia , P.Aubameyang ( 2 goals ) , Osuji and one Paloschi..

I guess we have the head of table now..

GreatKalu 08-10-2007 09:53

Anyone have an idea how the Primavera players we signed over the summer are doing?

Andromeda 08-10-2007 17:09

bring matteo darmian to our first team... :D

is this picture is esord.96 which christian maldini playing?

acerвιc wιт 09-10-2007 00:47

FMD P.Aubameyang is an absolute machine!!

GreatKalu 09-10-2007 19:02

^^ Can't stop scoring? :D Big brother might be getting a little jealous, don't you think?

How about the new guys we signed this summer? I can remember at least three talents mentioned on the official site. How are they doing? Would be nice if we'd have someone like Dos Santos spring up a surprise or two for us ... that might be they way to go.

Besi 09-10-2007 20:43

^ Dos Santos has chances to impress.. under Ancelotti it's very hard for youngster to get a chance.. but still Barcelona has tradition bringing perfect players from youth sector.. Messi , Bojan , Dos Santos.. but I dont know how the hell they lost Fabregas to Arsenal ? ..

It's stupid for Milan.. because we had from our academy .. Oddo .. we sold him .. than we payed 8 milion euro for our product..

adrian_milan 10-10-2007 03:15

Judging from their performances...They should gotta chance at the first team...
Hopefully Milan wont waste their talents...Aubemayang seems to have some talent...
Did he ever play for the first team...I dont get Ancelotti, why wouldn't he use him on the first team, at least as a least that will encourage him to work harder...
Wat an ignorance team to waste all their young players, and buy some jerk who can only score twice/season for 18m $...

acerвιc wιт 10-10-2007 03:56

Milan hardly like to rely on their own youth team players. It's not like in the past where we brougt up players like Baresi, Maldini, Albertini, Costacurta... during that magical period. They'd rather prefer to scout overseas to purchase a young talent, mostly in South America. Barcelona have an ubelievable youth system. To think they let a player of Fab's status leave is quite insane yet they produce quality players in Xavi and Iniesta who fill the void quite well.

GreatKalu 10-10-2007 13:38

^^ Cesc > Xavi + The Corpse (Iniesta :D ) combined IMO.

You can hardly blame A. for not playing younger players if they cannot perform better than other older options already in the squad - Especially when immediate results are clearly the order of the day. Kaka' is one example; and a relatively young Pirlo (23-24 in 2002-2003) another; of young players he helped develop. He obviously does recognize the importance of youth in a squad, otherwise we wouldn't have signed Pato.

I've never really followed the Primavera ... is there a site, other than the official, that gives more info?

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