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dev1L 13-05-2010 18:20


Originally Posted by Susan (Post 721112)
Nice that Inter, Juve and Roma are out, but we are in the final :tongue:

they need to win 2 more games to be in final..

Sheva0172 13-05-2010 18:35

Lol, Inter & Juve are elminated by the nrs 4 & 5 from their group :D

ladro 13-05-2010 18:44

They made a great comeback.

Nice to see at least this project gaining some success although this investment in primavera/zero buys in the senior squad would have made alot more sense 4 years ago. Better late than never i guess:)

Susan 13-05-2010 18:47


Originally Posted by dev1L (Post 721118)
they need to win 2 more games to be in final..

With final I meant that we are in the final stage, which will be from June 1-8, where all the eight teams will compete for the Scudetto. Because that is the final when all of them will be playing there against their opponent.
So you're right that we still need to win those matches to be champions, I meant that too, I just said final instead because it will be in that one week with all teams at the same place.

dev1L 13-05-2010 18:52


dhorasoo 13-05-2010 19:35

well done lads! well done!

Baresiuno 13-05-2010 21:47


Originally Posted by project1967 (Post 721049)
Milan win 3-1 and qualify

Inter and Juve out ! :cool:

Teams qualified for Final phase : Chievo, Milan, Samp, Empoli, Palermo, Brescia, Genoa, Lazio.

(not sure about Genoa but they won the first leg 5-0 away, so ...)

Great! :)

Tobbie 14-05-2010 10:26

So happy for d guys. So, when do we get to know who we are playing next

Edi 14-05-2010 10:39

Well done!

Sod-Lod 14-05-2010 14:30

A nice comeback


5/13/2010 5:58:00 PM

Stroppa has managed to take revenge on Catania in the second leg of the eighth finals of the Primavera league. In the second half the team reacted with the right spirit and reached the Final Eight in Macerata.

MILAN - Important day for the Rossoneri's Primavera team: today Giovanni Stroppa's team beat Catania 3-1, overturning the 1-0 defeat in the first leg in Sicily. Despite the absence of striker Zigoni, due to tonsillitis, the Rossoneri's second team was able to count on the participation of the young Gaeta, on Merkel's invention near the end and a fine performance by an inspired Oduamadi.

Adriano Galliani was very satisfied. The Club's delegate administrator watched the whole match along with Filippo Galli, responsible for the Youth Sector, at the Solbiate Arno stadium and at the end he congratulated his lads, then he talked with Milan Channel. After winning the Tim Cup in the final against Palermo, the Primavera are now among the top eight teams in Italy, in a round which eliminated Juventus, Inter and Roma on the road to the Scudetto.

The match in detail:
Milan-Catania 3-1 (first leg 0-1)
First half, the goals: Verdi (Milan) 7', Donnarumma (Catania) 18'.
Second half, the goals: Schenetti (Milan) 17', Gaeta (Milan) 25'.

Here are the post-match declarations to Milan Channel's microphones:
ADRIANO GALLIANI: "Today's victory was important, I am very happy for the Primavera but also for the whole Youth Sector. In the future, Milan's objective will always be to acquire important youngsters and bring them close to the first team. My compliments go to Giovanni Stroppa, but also to Filippo Galli who is guiding the whole Youth Sector."

STROPPA JOHN: "I am very happy beyond the result, however important, for the provision al'andata that there had been and that this race was very important. Today was a super performance, technical, tactical and physical. Too bad you suffered a bit 'in the final, although the chances we had we could also impose a wider result. Now the only thing we think is that it is important to be in the Final Eight. The thing that should concern us is that we us, not that there are Juventus, Inter and Roma. Even if these teams are so important because it came out, it means that there are very strong teams that have eliminated ".

SIMONE ROMAGNOLI, central defender and captain of the Spring: "Today our great satisfaction, but look forward. in the national final if there will be Juventus, Inter and Roma will be tough anyway. When the stakes are so important, does not count both the coat of participants, but their condition and their freshness at that time . "

Michelangelo Albertazzi, central defender: "We got a beautiful and important victory, today is a result that stems from the spirit of our group and the capabilities of Coach Giovanni Stroppa. "

ANDREA Schenetti striker and goalscorer of 2-1: "I am very happy with the goals, but especially for the game that we able to propose in the decisive moments of the race. 'with this aspect that we qualified. "

Sod-Lod 14-05-2010 16:19

The weekend of young 14/05/2010 16:29:00
THE WEEKEND OF YOUNG 14/05/2010 16:29:00


It will be another intense weekend for the youth of Milan, who will be confronted on various fields, including games that may decide the season. These include the final leg of the 'Caps'

MILAN - Here is the list of lots of youth during the weekend:

Saturday, May 15, 2010

BERRETTI - Final, first leg
Atalanta-MILAN, 15.00, CS Bortolotti, Zingonia (BG)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

, 10.00, CS VISMARA, Milan

, 10.00, CS VISMARA, Milan

10.30, CS VISMARA, Milan

, 10.30, CS VISMARA, Milan

MILAN-Bologna, 15.00, CS VISMARA, Milan

akewander 14-05-2010 16:34

ac milan 3-1 catania highlights

Sod-Lod 15-05-2010 14:22

Spring championship: Final phase regulation 14/05/2010

MILAN - The Football League has announced the rules of the Championship Finals Primavera


Championship Finals Primavera TIM 2009/2010
"Trofeo Giacinto Facchetti"
Wednesday, May 19, 2010 at 12.00 in the Council Chamber at the headquarters of the Province of
Macerata Corso della Repubblica, 28 will be the Press Conference of
Primavera TIM Championship Finals 2009/2010 "Trofeo Giacinto Facchetti" at the end
which we do the draw for the quarter-final matches.
1) how to conduct the draw
Under Article. 5) of the Rules of Primavera TIM 2009/2010, teams
winners of the qualifying rounds and the second best of all, if qualified for the finals,
seedings will be considered and may not meet each other in the quarterfinals.
Except as referred above, the seeded teams and other teams
finalists will be paired together by drawing free-form a board that
will also determine the couplings of the semifinals. The winners of the semifinals will contest
in the final Championship of Italy TIM 2009/2010 Primavera Trophy Hyacinth
2) Dates and locations of races
The timing and locations of matches in the Final Round are as follows:
Quarterfinals June 1, 2010 at 16:00 FOURTH
FOUR B 21.00
2 June 2010 quarter is 16.00
FOUR 21.00 D
Semi-finals June 4, 2010 semifinal in 18.00
June 5, 2009 SEMIFINAL B 18.00
Final June 8, 2009 FINAL 21:00
The winners of the Quarter-Final A and B will play the semifinals, while teams
Quarter-Final winners will play the C and D Semifinal B
PRESS RELEASE No 133, May 14, 2010
The races will be held on the following fields of play:
Camerino - Sports university
Civitanova Marche - Municipal Stadium
Macerata - Municipal Stadium Helvia Recina
Tolentino - Stadio della Vittoria
The National Professional League held its Championship Finals Primavera
TIM 2009/2010 "Trofeo Giacinto Facchetti" with the collaboration of the Province of
3) Directorate of races
The referees and assistants will be appointed by the ANC PRO, which will also contribute to
designation for each match, the fourth official chosen from among the arbitrators actual role
which may lead to finish the race in case of any impediment of the arbitrator.
4) See Organizational
While the competition will have the National League of Professional
following the official seat spot, which will head the secretariat, the secretariat
the referee and the press office:
Secretary L.N.P. and the Local Organizing Committee c / o Palazzo della Provincia di Macerata
Corso della Repubblica, 34 - 62100 Macerata (MC)
tel. 0733.248003 - 248536, fax. 0733.248568
(Operational from 30 May to 8 June 2010)
5) TV
Sky owns the rights to exclusive live coverage of all meetings.
The races will be broadcast live on Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 3 and Sky
6) Accreditation and photographers
a) Newspapers
Journalists cardholders C.O.N.I. valid national will have access
directly behind the press gallery presentation of the card.
Journalists (professionals and journalists) are not accompanied by CONI card will do
regular accreditation request signed by the responsible of writing activities, with
the naming of the journalist concerned, which will be issued an entry
Requests for accreditation must be submitted by fax:
- By May 29, 2010 to the Milan office (02.69010091)
- From 30 May to 8 June 2010 at the headquarters of Macerata (0733.248568)
The request for accreditation will be shown if you intend to follow a single
game, or all.
b) Photographers
Requests for accreditation for photographers (internal field) must reach the same
manner and within the same terms as outlined above, a letter signed by the responsible
writing or sports photo agency. The freelance photographers should send
their accreditation request that the League will from time to time. All photographers members
list of the Football League for season 2009/2010 will be indicated in
request for accreditation by their sequence number for authorization.
7) Exercise the right to report
a) TV
Requests for accreditation by the broadcasters will, in the terms and
rules mentioned above, provide the names of players, signing a commitment to
not play more than three minutes of what is being filmed for each day of competition. The
audiovisual news can only be exercised in the news,
only deferred, through the dissemination of "images facts" and
"Images associated with the following rules;
- Concerning races starting up at 16.00 each day
race starting at 20:30;
- Concerning the races starting from 18.00 each day of competition, from
3 hours after the conclusion of the game.
The crew can not be composed of more than three persons including a journalist, not
have access to the pitch and will be made to accommodate the spaces indicated
press gallery
b) Radio
Radio stations will broadcast live three information windows, the
three minutes each for each half for a total of 18 minutes of the news
total. In the event that the regular time ended in a tie, will
Commentary allowed three minutes extra time and commentary
full of penalties. The crew will be at most consist of a journalist and
a technician.
c) Websites
All sites must make a formal application for accreditation by the above deadlines and
letter signed by head of sports writing. Sites that transmit the record
audiovisual can transmit a single minute of consecutive images starting at 24.00
the race day for a maximum time available to users of 3 hours. The crew
will be made up by a journalist and a technician.

Sod-Lod 15-05-2010 18:15

Berretti : Atalanta-milan 1-1 15/05/2010


MILAN - has just completed Atalanta-Milan 1-1 , the final leg of the championship cap, which was played in Zingonia (BG).

Dwa Milan 15-05-2010 18:35

Nice result, hope the beretti wins at home so we will take the crown again :proud: hopefully the primavera can win it too, that makes Milan's youth a total success this year :proud:

Sonny.Bill.Williams 15-05-2010 18:59

maybe G wasnt lying about investing in youth ;or have we always been this dominant????

Dwa Milan 15-05-2010 19:14


Originally Posted by San Pato (Post 722129)
maybe G wasnt lying about investing in youth ;or have we always been this dominant????

not really, we haven't won anything in the primavera (Copa and League) since years..
we won the beretti last season though... although Milan's youth did won some junior cups .. but from the last 5 years, this season we do improve a lot. We have been investing more this season, but I think more than the investment, we look more serious with the primavera build up

Sonny.Bill.Williams 15-05-2010 19:18

this fills me up with up with great optimism much more than signing any superstar because i love the fact that our own youngsters( most) are doing well and might become great in the future

Sod-Lod 16-05-2010 17:57

Allievi nazionali: To the eighth finals + giovanissimi to the eighth finals


MILAN - It's just finished Milan-Sampdoria 4-0, in the Sixteenth finals of the Allievi Nazionali league. For the Rossoneri goals by De Respinis (7'), Boateng (13'), Baldan (62'), and Ganz (88'). Fiorin's lads thereby qualified for the Eighth Finals where they will meet Cittadella in the double-legged encounter on Sunday 23 and Sunday 30 May.



MILAN - Here are the declarations of the Allievi Nazionali's Rossoneri coach Fulvio Fiorin, after his lads' victory against Sampdoria: "I'm very happy to have obtained the qualification to the eighth finals. The strength of this team is the union of the group. The lads have grown a lot individually, but also tactically. The next match will be against Cittadella, a very physical team, but we know that from now on all the matches will be very difficult."




MILAN - It's just finished Milan-Bologna 3-1 in the Sixteenth finals of the Giovanissimi Nazionali league. For the Rossoneri a hat-trick by Petagna (18', 34', 65'). The Rossoneri youngsters thereby qualified for the Eighth Finals of the league, where they will face Bari in the match of this Sunday.
:star::star::star::star::star::star: I'm Proud of our young sectors :star::star::star::star::star::star:

Sonny.Bill.Williams 16-05-2010 18:44

there is light at the end of this old tunnel

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