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Congo Powers 16-05-2021 21:23

I forgot that Samu was Egyptian

Wild 16-05-2021 21:23

Plz a header Tomo

rossonero1 16-05-2021 21:23


Originally Posted by kevin_dk (Post 3284154)

Now the wind starts to turn in our favourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Originally Posted by Rossoneri97 (Post 3284449)
Atalanta will fuck us, if we play like this!

They?ll probably fuck us regardless. They score for fun.

MilanFan89 16-05-2021 21:23

Meite and Calhanoglu can fuck off

LocalHero80 16-05-2021 21:23

Lol meite

Boban1982 16-05-2021 21:23

Meite a pub player.

Stitches 16-05-2021 21:23

Good delivery but still no goal

yonggoh 16-05-2021 21:23

Man it’s not happening for us

Khurrisu 16-05-2021 21:23


voom 16-05-2021 21:23

Meite :lol:

Charbel 16-05-2021 21:23

Do these bitches understand we are playing for CL ?

brk 16-05-2021 21:23

Please pioli it?s Mandzukic time

Tobinho 16-05-2021 21:23

Holy shit what a chance.

Pingu 16-05-2021 21:23

Man, why do we shoot there? Retain possession you fucks.

Wild 16-05-2021 21:23

Amazing from Hakan but no one to take that :fp:

kevin_dk 16-05-2021 21:23

How long is it this going to take for a freekick to be played?

MilanFan89 16-05-2021 21:23

How the fk did he sub in Meite instead of Tonali

Rossoneri97 16-05-2021 21:23


Originally Posted by rossonero1 (Post 3284457)
they?ll probably fuck us regardless. They score for fun.

i mean fuck us out of cl!

fray 16-05-2021 21:24

Put Mandzukic on.

Nestafan 16-05-2021 21:24

Mandzukic for the height?

Missing Ibra so much right now.

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