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gaizka22 08-10-2007 14:14


Originally Posted by superbaim
quality post huh thats relative,some people may say good post some people may say normal post or bad post.

Stay long enough and you could identify them and hopefully making some yourself.

adrian_milan 09-10-2007 01:41


Originally Posted by gaizka22
You just exemplified and magnified the real reason why we no longer state the post count. It's just a number and every forum member should pay the tiniest attention to it and focusing more on the quality post instead of postcount-padding posts. Unless someone really cared about the status attached to that number.

It matters when we made a big deal out of it and it stop mattered when we no longer state it. Taking out the postcount give use one less reason for useless arguments.

Okay then...I accept it...Juz wondering...
It is solved...Great

crazymilangirl 09-10-2007 17:36

problems + suggestions + questions

is billy allowed to come back???? :D :D i am just asking since um, this was suggested by some

and what about jaspers suggestion??

and will we have a new MOD to cover for jasper? :)

Sasha 09-10-2007 17:48

Why can't we embed videos from other sites such as Dailymotion or Liveleak? Also, can we use the actual youtube embedding code instead of the brackets? It would be nice because I can shrink the video's size and make it signature appropriate.

Sasha 09-10-2007 19:55

Can we change the file size limit on avatars to 50 kb? I have a sweet 75x75 avatar that I'd like to use but the file size is too big.

C'mon David, do the right thing. ;)

Besfort 09-10-2007 22:22

Maybe this will help you.

Sasha 09-10-2007 22:37


Originally Posted by Besfort
Maybe this will help you.

I've tried programs like that but it doesn't work, you have to shrink the image down to 10x10 in order to get it under 19.5 kb. :rolleyes:

acerвιc wιт 11-10-2007 15:32

Calls for a Super Berlusconi + Galliani thread?:D

crazymilangirl 15-10-2007 17:45

Did you make the thread? I doubt anyone would mind it

Anyway, can we get a mod to replace Jasper because we have spammers etc etc arond here and they make bullshit threads and theres no one to delete the posts or close the threads. Jasper was one of the active mods/members and well i guess the other mods arent online because of timedifference etc so we need an european (someone who lives in europe) mod because jasper was on when the majority of the members are on. (If that makes sense guys)
And david, can you read jimweebarra's posts and give him a warning to show him that we have other forums too beside the Introductions one..


*rossonera* 16-10-2007 16:27


Originally Posted by Milaneso
What the heck is this?

wrong thread. happens to the best of us, just make sure that next time you intend to post, you look for the proper subforum + thread *first*. ;)

*rossonera* 16-10-2007 16:41

i don't see the need for a stand-in mod.

the *spamming* by 2 or 3 good bhoys, bad bhoys + those feeding *them* is more of a self-created problem than a problem that warrants extra staff. misplaced posts + duplicates can be deleted + a little restraint, i.e. not acting on impulse + barf out insults in mindless tit-for-tat responses, will silence wind-up merchants pretty quickly.

Sasha 17-10-2007 00:42

Where is everyone? This board is getting eerily quiet. The only noises I hear are from the one sided argument in Yoann's thread and the bhoys talking shit in Introductions & Euro Qual.

*rossonera* 17-10-2007 01:12

^ international break could be a reason, but the forum hasn't been very active in a while i noticed. maybe the glory hunters + jcl's are looking for a new bandwagon elsewhere.

Sasha 17-10-2007 05:15


Originally Posted by *rossonera*
^ international break could be a reason, but the forum hasn't been very active in a while i noticed. maybe the glory hunters + jcl's are looking for a new bandwagon elsewhere.

Maybe, btw what's a jcl?

crazymilangirl 17-10-2007 10:41

A mods job in this forum is to delete unnecessary posts & threads. We definately need a stand-in mod as Jasper was doing all the work when he was around. It doesnt even feel like the mods are active around here.

There is probably nothing too spectacular to read in the introduction forum or the offtopic forum but that doesnt mean that mods shouldnt check them once in a while just to see whats going on. Self created problem or not, several members told that virus known by the name of jimweebarra to stop spamming. He had been spamming in the subforums where mods are not active. He threw personal insults @ whoever told him to stop spamming and some of us dont like to have personal insults thrown at us, i reported his post and also wrote a post in this thread where i kindly asked the mods/admin to atleast give the guy a warning or ban him since he wasnt contributing in the first place but no one did anything and i felt like replying to him since mods/admin usually ignore that subforum it seems :tongue: SUE ME

I want bmwtaylor to get her job back (if she wants of course) because she is online on a daily basis and knows whats going on in almost every single subforum. Some of the current mods were online when the virus Jimweebarra was spamming and insulting but they never bothered to check that subforum or thread.

Thats my 500 bucks.. now agree with me :)

*rossonera* 17-10-2007 16:05

some people seem too willing to instantaneously engage in insultslinging. it's not only always the same very small group of people who react on the slightest [perceived] provocation, those people are immediately around to happily take the bait + then cry for more mods as soon as another *bhoy* or [what's his name] registers to post something *offensive*. the pattern is very plain to discern. personally, i didn't feel annoyed by those 3 or 4 lame wind-up attempts but by the ensuing + ongoing off topic posting by people who should know better. if those concerned with the quality of the moderation spent their time debating proper thread topics, half of the issues they take issue with wouldn't even exist. funny, isn't it? anything to reinstate bmwtaylor, right? i wouldn't be surprised if david saw through your deliberate little tantrum right away.

i can't agree about only jasper doing his job, i replied to milaneso's misplaced post in this thread + within a very short time his post was removed or moved, evidently by another mod doing his/her job. imo a good mod acts in the background, but not without providing transparency of his/her actions by adding a comment whenever a post is moved/edited + thereby conceding people the right to *learn* + avoid mistakes/rule offenses in the future.

crazymilangirl 17-10-2007 17:31

Anything to reinstate bmwtaylor? What do you mean ?
He saw through what??

Btw, its something a mod is supposed to do, deleting one or two posts in one thread doesnt make good mods either. Its a fact that they dont check/moderate in some subforums and that was just what i was saying. Bmwtaylor was aware of what was going on and i think she did a really good job as a mod, the majority here agreed and she should get her job back. Correction: everyone agreed except passion for *9*
What would you know about bmwtaylors moderating if you have been inactive for almost 3 years?

And btw, you arent passion, right? ;)

*rossonera* 17-10-2007 17:55

this is what i mean:

Originally Posted by crazymilangirl
I want bmwtaylor to get her job back

i've seen *real* spamming here + trust me, you have seen nothing yet!
making a fuss about one or two guys who didn't immediately catch a mod's attention you figured would help get you what you want, so you make a meal of it. do you think i'm a naive little lamb?

ps: no, kiddo, i'm not who you want me to be. give it a rest. :)

crazymilangirl 17-10-2007 17:58

Dear, i liked troll better than had something to it :)

Btw, i said i want bmwtaylor to get her job back ( if she wants )
taking things out of context never was nice, naive or manipulative ;)

Anyway, you are welcome back or welcome or whatever you want it to be.
I just said what i meant and im going to leave it at that. I have *no* plan here or anything. I dont even *know* bmwtaylor but i always thought *she* did a good job as mod. So i said it. :)

And also, it wasnt about the spamming the dude was doing. That was more like the "last" drop since they went personal on alot of members here. There has been some posts here and there and threads and i was just mentioning that.

*rossonera* 17-10-2007 18:04

you do protest too much, kiddo.

trust me, you will soon enough notice that the person you want me to be + the person i am don't hold identical views on many issues. we share our dislike for seedorf though.

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