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David 16-12-2007 00:21

Now don't hand pick words out of my previous post to suit your world view. Let me spell this a second time for you: when a member is a newly registered one, he's here for an occasion (such as Milan vs. Celtic), he's not a Milan fan (not an incriminating factor but couple it with the rest) and he's merely trying to troll the case is pretty clear. It's a permanent ban, no doubt.

You seem to spend an odd amount of time and energy on someone you just spoke with on a forum.

MacMilan 16-12-2007 01:03

I've spent this amount of time on a point not a person and though you may find it odd that i can communicate with people most people would call that socialising. It's a matter of interpretation that's all.

Beemer 16-12-2007 01:54

This is why Tommy was banned, in addition to just being a pain in the ass. He had it coming. And if this were a perfect world, fellow troll Chrissie would've gone with him.

If you're distraught over his absence, he's over at Milanmania. I'm not taking sides here but this argument has been dragged out long enough.

MacMilan 16-12-2007 08:37

Are you being serious?? he got banned for that? WOW

For being a user of many choice words and opinions yourself i'm surprised that you find this offensive. But, you say it has dragged out long enough then that must be true so i'll zip it. :D

PUPO 16-12-2007 14:35

David please don't forget to update the forum banner with the world cup's trophy and maybe the ballon d'or...

zZ[-_-]Zz 16-12-2007 15:53

Forza Milan...

gaizka22 17-12-2007 05:23


Originally Posted by zZ[-_-]Zz
maybe a new change of the top right banner... with somethin' like this...

Nice man. Very nice indeed. Did u make this? It's wonderful.

zZ[-_-]Zz 17-12-2007 06:02

Forza Milan...

crazymilangirl 17-12-2007 11:53

^^ Nice idea, id love that.

Wow!!!! Have i missed some entertainment here or WHAT?!! :eek: Hahaha, stupid exams took up all my time while some serious drama was going on here.

David 17-12-2007 16:31

I'm not going to use a banner made by someone else for another site - namely

I'd make one but my time is limited. If I get some free time these days it'll happen. In the meantime, I'm willing to let members make a top right banner. The only conditions are:
- size: 379*100 pixels
- white fade on the left

- you can add "by [forum username]" somewhere inside it.

You can also make an main page banner respecting the following conditions:
- size: 760*140 px
- 1 px black border on the right

Prize: Same as for the forum top right banner.


PUPO 19-12-2007 10:01

You heard the man, now get to work people!
Please include the '7' badge and 'World champions'.
Riccardo? i know what you can do. Make it happen man!

zZ[-_-]Zz 19-12-2007 10:49

Forza Milan...

Wild 19-12-2007 12:22

Good idea.
And if there was many good art work by our artists maybe we can vote 4 the best 1.
I have no art in me LOL

censorthiis 26-12-2007 23:48

It's not much, but if it's any use here:

Besfort 26-12-2007 23:53

Welcome Back ! :)

Beemer 27-12-2007 00:36


Originally Posted by Besfort
Welcome Back ! :)

Yes, I agree! Please stay. :)

Besfort 27-12-2007 22:43

I would suggest to put a Image Verification with Digit Codes at the Registrations.

There are plenty of Bots that keep registering and open some crap useless threads.

PUPO 29-12-2007 13:23

It looks like nobody is bothered about our forum banner... i's a shame i'm useless at stuff like that! I'd certainly give it a go!

David 29-12-2007 18:01


Originally Posted by Besfort
I would suggest to put a Image Verification with Digit Codes at the Registrations.

There are plenty of Bots that keep registering and open some crap useless threads.

We've already got it but that's old news for spammers as some can get past it nonetheless.

As for the banner, I'll be leaving tomorrow until January 3rd so be cool as it'll get done eventually (if not, persist). I've switched computers so I've basically got nothing on this one other than Paint.

Jose 30-12-2007 05:58

<mod edit> . . . </mod edit>

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