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Qaas 26-08-2020 15:02

Hmm. Looks like it should gave been released 15 years ago

Fusiproe12 10-09-2020 00:23

The face I make for every dialogue in FF VII Remake :lol:

Pingu 16-09-2020 21:08

Final Fantasy XVI trailer revealed at the PS5 event. Cannot wait ahhh!!

Fusiproe12 22-09-2020 00:45

Microsoft just bought Bethesda/ZeniMax :eek:

and... one of the most interesting PS5 exclusive game, Deathloop, is from Bethesda :conf:

Australiano1980 28-12-2020 14:35


Originally Posted by Australiano1980 (Post 1317417)
i used to play this :D


Originally Posted by Australiano1980 (Post 1320382)
cool :)

im stuck in winning eleven9 from 2005. ps2.

tonico born in 2006.. and i stop following video games.

In 2014, I upgrade myself and bough PES2014 for PS2. :lol:

joyrider 29-12-2020 11:05

Cyberpunk 2077 looks so goat.

Bird 30-12-2020 14:27


Fusiproe12 05-01-2021 19:40

Started 2 days ago Cyberpunk 2077. It seems a mix of Deus Ex, Watch Dogs and Rage.

Not bad :thumbsup:

On the Xbox One X looks fine, even if sometime the fps are low.

Fusiproe12 07-04-2021 01:58

Xbox Series X is so much better than PS5. Ibra should be sorry with :g:

My favorite game is AC Valhalla. Gorgeous (4k) and amazing to play (because of the brutal violence and the 60fps).

Jivara 08-04-2021 00:09

I'm playing Bullet Echo since 3 months, it's such a good game. Nothing over complicated, no ads and very interesting characters to choose from.

joyrider 08-04-2021 07:03

10 April will have more news about Ag of empires 4.

Fusiproe12 01-06-2021 15:15


Fusiproe12 09-06-2021 22:53

I played against one of the "best" PES 21 player

Our match is the first of the streaming, I'm Milan (obviously) and he's France, which is much much better

At the end he called me "pezzo di merda" and also blocked me (so I'll never play against him) :lol: :proud:

Ps. I don't know how good my opponent is, I avoid watching the stats at the start of any match

Fusiproe12 18-06-2021 15:31

After hours of nothing in the E3, the best 3:18 min on youtube


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