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David 09-12-2010 20:58

New Logo/Banner

As you may have noticed, we've got a new logo, courtesy of Riccardo! :star:

Senatore_M84 09-12-2010 21:01

It looks great. Thank you ricardo!


We're gonna put three players who haven't won a title with Milan ever in the logo? I like the UCL one. Should keep it till another team brings Milan glory. Just my two cents

Sven 09-12-2010 21:03


Pedro 09-12-2010 21:04

What new logo? Do I still see the 'old' one?

Sage 09-12-2010 21:19

looks good, glad it doesnt have any finished players.

MilanMB 09-12-2010 21:21

Great job Riccardo. Looks great.

@ David.

Maybe you should change the old guy (it's Kilpin right?) to Baresi and Maldini. Two Milan legends most of us relate to. Just a suggestion.

Sod-Lod 09-12-2010 21:26

Nice Job Riccardo, I actually want it to be after we win the eighth CL title especially with newcomers like (Ibra + Pato + TS).

I'm looking forward for the next step.

Congo Powers 09-12-2010 22:10

its tite


all i can look at is nesta's receding hairline.

Shiby 09-12-2010 22:49

What logo? Why am I still seeing the one from RAHJA?

EDIT: See it now. Great job.

Riccardo 09-12-2010 23:16

I apologise for Nesta's diminishing hairline.

Hope you guys like it, I was going to do a 'legends' one with maldini/ baresi etc, but I thought we could keep it current and once things change, I could maybe do a new one.

Let's hope that come May, I'm doing a new one with a CL or Serie A trophy.

Cristina 10-12-2010 00:01

Very nice work Riccardo. :)

anth183 10-12-2010 01:06

Good work Riccardo

Lisa 10-12-2010 03:38

Awesome work Riccardo!

Btw, there ain't nothing wrong with Sandro's hair!

Nesta_Pirlo 10-12-2010 04:17

Nice one Riccardo keep em coming

Marcus 10-12-2010 06:38

Like the Italian flag at the bottom and the CL badge. Very nice work Ricardo.

Jasper 10-12-2010 09:30

Good job.

Sophie 10-12-2010 18:55

Very nice :cool: :star:

Az. 10-12-2010 19:17

Nice job Ricardo!What i love the most about it ,is the emblem on the left fading away in the stands.

Looks great.

Raghav 11-12-2010 13:47

Great work Ricardo!

Loving Pato in the pic - he has the "im gonna tear every defence apart and win WPOY" look on him!

Sasha 11-12-2010 18:49

It's a great job Riccardo. But come on man, no Ambro or Rino?
Also, the banner Rahja created represented the last major trophy Milan won. Until we win the Scudetto Coppa Italia, or Champions League. I think we should have kept it that way. That's just my opinion though.

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