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Y-Bido92 19-08-2017 17:32

Dear Biglia,

Please join our team and stop breaking like glass.

Sincerely yours,
this is stan

Neruda 19-08-2017 19:36

fak off you piece of glass lazio ripped us off !!!!

benjamin 20-08-2017 15:18

Good vibes in this thread only. Please direct all hate here:

inomilan 21-08-2017 03:10

Till when is he out?

Congo Powers 21-08-2017 03:26

3 more weeks i think

IL Diavolo 3 21-08-2017 03:27

He'll be available for the Lazio game...

joyrider 22-08-2017 20:49

Chief medic Gianluca Melegati spoke to Milan TV this evening to give an update on the various situations.

“Following a lesion to the flexor in his thigh, Biglia is recovering very well and ahead of schedule. It’s a delicate zone, so caution is absolutely essential.

Donato 22-08-2017 22:29

Shame he won't be available for our first home game, it's going to my first Milan game and u would've loved to see our best team available.

Master Smurf 27-08-2017 22:08

Stepped on the pitch and immediately settled things

KujaIX 27-08-2017 22:15

He needs to play.

He will be the most important signing, imo.

If he doesn't play, we'll rely on individual heroics to control matches. With him, we've got an excellent metronome.

Bonucci can only do so much(and he was shit today tbh). We need someone with presence and poise at CM. Biglia is that player.

joyrider 28-08-2017 06:36

Sognatore 28-08-2017 14:37

Really liking Lucas. He's a complete professional, a silent warrior, a responsable grown up man of old times.

Very steady, solid and seems to leave little room for questions.

Perfect character and characteristics for one of the most important roles on the field while also a great role model off the field.

Curupira 28-08-2017 15:46

Calmed the team down a lot and allowed Montolivo to push up. Definitely one of the key turning points of the game.

benjamin 01-09-2017 14:21

AndreiX 01-09-2017 14:29

< Mauri

ForzaACM 03-09-2017 01:26

Best Maestro since Pirlo.

mleite 14-09-2017 13:21


necromancer 14-09-2017 21:12

So great to have him. Such balance.

Ronin 14-09-2017 22:18

Our most important player

Dawn 15-09-2017 01:35

That turn then the pass eventually lead to our goal is so beautiful :star:

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