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joyrider 15-09-2017 08:30

The first 20mins, he was like, wtf is happening here??, after that he played like he's been here for 10years.

Such an underrated gem.

irkuysm 15-09-2017 08:52

He is the missing piece in our midfield.

He completed other players when passing around the ball.

Good touch.

adit 17-09-2017 16:09

soooo much better than Montoleader

KujaIX 17-09-2017 16:11


Originally Posted by adit (Post 2758151)
soooo much better than Montoleader


He's just actually simply very good. That's pretty much all that needs to be said.

Fabio 17-09-2017 16:22


Mr. Milanista 17-09-2017 20:53

Our best buy this season. Excellent game. We've been missing a player like him in our midfield since Van Bommel.

Mark18 18-09-2017 02:17

seems like we get Rui Costa

Donato 18-09-2017 06:42

What a performance, probably my man of the match last night. Just makes everything tick, some of those long passes to Calabria we're just delightful!

Nestafan 18-09-2017 13:15

It was like having Pirlo back with those long balls over the top.

melanman 19-09-2017 04:08


Originally Posted by Nestafan (Post 2758472)
It was like having Pirlo back


Ronin 19-09-2017 08:32

People still think we overpaid?

MilanMB 20-09-2017 21:43

Ok, it's clear to me now that Biglia is a master at what he does. Hopefully he'll have a good form the entire season.

necromancer 20-09-2017 21:47

He's actually getting better every year. This might just be the Pirlo to Juventus move that we needed. Best Serie A transfer of this summer.

Qaas 20-09-2017 21:50


AndreiX 20-09-2017 21:55

how much did we end up paying for him in the end ?

jammin 20-09-2017 21:59

His vertical forward passes in between the defensive lines is currently our best line of starting an attack with this formation, especially with two strikers comfortable dropping off their markets.

Nice to see a modern DM that doesn't just recycle possession or only goes for long diagonal hollywood passes.

World of difference with his Argentina performances too, he's clearly suited to Calcio.

MilanMB 20-09-2017 22:11

Except for the last match though, I haven't seen much of his long ball game.

necromancer 20-09-2017 22:29

I don't think he has a significant long ball game. He's good at picking spaces between lines and keeping the tempo ticking nicely. Great mental agility; doesn't turn off like many others in his position do.

dcfcfan1 20-09-2017 23:22

he has a slight injury

The Philosopher 20-09-2017 23:33

�� MOTM: Lucas #Biglia vs #MilanSPAL

95% passing
80 passes
3 interceptions
2 tackles
2 clearances
2 acc long balls
1 blocked shot
1 key pass

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